Something like intro

I am a girl in my early twenties and hereon will be talking to you as Sahasra on this space. A space that i can call mine, my blog. Everything i write here is mine and if it isn’t mine, i credit the author and share the thought. I have to admit that though i am new to blogging, I’m not new to writing. Everything i have written until now is either for exams or for my personal diary. But being the good and vivid reader that i am, i thought i should give writing/blogging a try. This seems to be the most secure way to share my thoughts with the world, without being worried about others judging me. No matter how much i like writing on a real book with a pen or pencil, it is always risky when you pour your heart out in a book and anybody with access to it can dive deep into your heart and soul.

I choose word press because back home almost no one knows about this site. And i hope to be anonymous forever but since i am into writing this blog, i know that sometime or later people are going to see my posts or writings. But i wish i do not get noticed, at least not by people around me until i have the courage to introduce my blog to them. I know, it is a bit strange that i want the world to read my thoughts but not the people around me. You must have already noticed this conflict in my own thoughts. That is what i am, “a confused soul”. So here i just want to let my confused thoughts flow on the screen, and leave me in a stage to take decisions or at least clear my mind of the thoughts that never seem to leave me.

And when it comes to the real intro, I am a girl from India who loves reading. It is not only about books, anything will do(like blogs, articles, newspapers, comics etc). Reading has always been my favourite since I was a kid and eventually that got me into writing too. Also, I love watching movies and TV shows. Tell you the truth, I am actually crazy about movies and books. These are the only things I do whenever I am free and I never get bored doing these. I graduated in Computer Sciences & Engineering and have landed up in a software job right after college. Though i hated my job many times in this one year, I respect the job for the economic independence it gave me and for the confidence it instilled in me to go ahead in the IT industry, which I never had before. And when it comes to my family, it is just the normal Indian middle class household with working parents and two kids. That’s it for introduction i suppose. Bye. Have a nice Monday.


4 thoughts on “Something like intro

  1. Reading, is the best training when it comes to writing! And confused souls write the best poetry! Lovely modest and sincere introduction. Although I am sure that you are more complex than you give yourself credit. A need to write is often a need to explore yourself as much as the world outside. Start digging and you will find thoughts you never thought you would think and write things you never thought you were capable of. Keep on writing!

    • WOW.Thank you so much 🙂
      Tell you the truth, I always wanted to write like you. Long/short stories, life events, humour and everything, all the while keeping the content interesting. I know its difficult to reach that spot. But I’m not quitting. I will try my best.
      Thanks for the advise, compliments and comments.

  2. Hi Sahasra, thank you so much for following my blog.

    It is great to read your writing which is obviously so motivated by the reading you do! It is great to blog, even when you are confused, that is pretty much what I blog about. My life as a girlfriend of a Nepali Brahmin man. You can’t get much more confusing when you start to think of your life and identity after that!

    So, keep on writing and I am looking forward to reading many more of your posts – and I now know who to come to for book/movie recommendations 🙂 hehe.

    Take care!

    • Hie hanna
      Your blog is really interesting that I couldn’t stop myself from following. That dance of yours at the embassy is really lovely. I really envy your ease. You both looked so cute. one day I wish to become that confident.
      Always be happy and lovely inspiring us all. 🙂
      Thanks a lot for the follow up. Hope I don’t bore you. 🙂

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