A Most Wanted Man


Its been a very hard week for me. With the kind of work i do,i am totally exhausted by the end of the day. But its good that i have resumed my habit of reading. As i am a bit too much into watching movies these days, it is like addiction. My last book is A Most Wanted Man by John La Carre. It felt very nice reading a full book after a long time and i loved that enough to enjoy that feeling to the fullest. But there is some not so best part of this one too. As i think that books do express their feelings to us, this book did not show me nice feelings as i moved on towards its end.That was really really stressful. I guess, by now i have started to confuse you too. Please let me explain.

Firstly, when i say books have feelings and they express them, I mean it. This is because whenever i start reading a book, i just like to complete it. Nothing else. No more feelings. But as i start reading the book, it starts talking to me. Its characters start talking. Their feelings affect me. In total the books feelings affect me. And this book, said me, “OK, i know its enough for you, leave it.” I had this strange but sure feeling that it is telling me not to proceed towards the end. This was when i am somewhere near 240 or so. It was a 340 page book and respecting its feelings, i left it for a couple of days. But then,It is Sunday and i could not resist myself, so i started to read it again. Guess what!! It is a tragedy. And i always hated them. Bad Endings,Unhappy Endings. For me, i feel these are disturbingly powerful. I hate them for the impact they leave on me. I totally go into a sad mood. I just start thinking a lot about things like, Why did it end that way? What if things happened the other way? What if they(the characters) behaved other wise? and all such stuff.

After finishing the book, i am almost struck with all these thoughts for a while. Mostly for a day i think, And then, i started thinking in a different way. How difficult it must be for the author to capture all those painful feelings and present them so beautifully to us. I guess if he is a man of heart, he must have suffered a lot to feel and express that pain. The way he executed the emotions of people and the way he showed how people respond under different situations, the kind of respect, love, gratitude we feel for people unknowingly, the way we get attached to people, the way our heart makes its own way into the competition of life among hard core brains, that’s it. I just say wonderful execution of plot with a German scent.


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