Title thoughts

It is funny that i choose such a name for my blog post. I just wanna write here about the path i followed to make this post.

Firstly, there is a fellow blogger who is pretty new to blogging but is really good at it if he continues it. His first post was so inspiring and i should say wonderful. And so i commented in his blog saying that he should continue writing as he proved out to be very good at it. But guess what, for a long time there was no reply. I have even made a habit of checking his blog for his posts. But he did not post anything else for months. So i subscribed for a newsletter of his blog and stopped checking his blog. And then that being my secondary mail ID which i do not check very often, i almost forgot about it. So one day i opened it to check my mails again. Guess what, there are some 5 mails from the blog. 2 for new posts, 1 for a comment and 2 are his responses to my comments. And those responses were awesome. He said my comment made him smile and also said that my comments helped him in some or the other way from not stopping blogging. And he thanked me. I felt, WOW. Today, i felt like reading the mail again and thought ‘if i could help him, can’t i help myself ?’ Why am i starving for motivation. Don’t i have enough reasons to feel motivated ? So thought about writing something. And this something, i have no idea what it should be. So i just opened my blog. When i read the title of my blog, i could not remember why i thought to use such name for my blog. Then i googled my blog name just out of curiosity for some likeminded people. And it returned me some of the most interesting blogs ive ever read. After going through all those blogs for a while, i felt the need that even my blog needs some attention of mine. Some thoughts of mine to be spread out. Afterall, it is the only thing in the world that i love to do unconditionally. Then i found an answer to my question that, it is because i knew about the wonderful journey of these thoughts inside my little brain and i wanted to make a note on where my thoughts lead me to. Which is why i named my blog “Journey Of My Thoughts”.

So i do love to let the words in my brain flow through my heart. And hope to continue this wonderful journey as long as i can.

A big thank you to that blogger because of whom all this started. And you know, you made me smile today 🙂 .

Thanks & Love                                                                                                                                                                                                           Sahasra


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