A lot of things inspire me. More than people, their thoughts, words & deeds inspire me a lot.

One such person is AJ.  I would start this post by thanking him first. Thank you AJ for being a part of my life. Thank you dear God, for providing me the chance to meet such an individual. I am not sure if i would ever get to meet him in my life. But still, the confidence he filled in me is enough for a life time. When i first met him, i never thought that he would be one such person who is capable to leave his impact on me. But with the strong persona he has, he left a great impact. He filled me with a confidence i never had. A silent person whose thoughts and works talked for him. But his madness and wildness are loud. Such persons are always adorable. I knew a few of this kind in my life. And some of these people are even from my school days. A feeling like ‘missing them’, is not the case with everyone. I feel inspired and motivated with the very thought of them. And some of them inspire me, make me feel like missing them, make me feel like wanting their presence in my life again. These are the people with whom i face the trouble. I cannot bring them back to my life neither can i easily move onn without them. That want or will about bringing them back is not that strong and not even that weak. I Wish, ‘if moving onn is so easy for me’. But mind you, i feel that one need not love someone and face a breakup to experience all this. Its adoration. Its respect. It is the warmth in their behaviour that made me feel their affection and love on a very positive note. I deeply respect them for making me feel their presence in my life. And i am happy that i have such people in my life. I never thought in this way that it is because of having all such wondeful people in my life, my life is so beautiful. It is not about luxuries and money. It is about people. It is all about me making friends and living my life to the fullest. Me being happy is the only thing that matters. May be, material things may affect my happiness for short periods of time. But ultimately it is these things that help me learn about what the real me needs & loves.

Life is always filled with wonderful surprises. Atleast for me it is the case. And to tell you, life has never failed to give me anything less than my expectations. I wish a lot. And i wish for nice and wonderful things to happen. May be i turn out selfish sometimes and may be i tune into a more demanding mode sometimes, but still i say, life gave me nothing less. And so, i now wish for the presence of more wonderful and loving people in my life. I never wished for something like this. Something so simple and lovely. I am really happy that i realised what is more important to me. What makes me more happy and what makes my life more meaningful and wonderful.

I donno where i start things and where they end. I started with AJ and ended with my feelings towards life. Even though i may not be clear in penning it up, i am a bit clear at heart now. I am sure that i will be improving my writing skills too.

Finally, thank you Dear God. For letting me know what a part of me wants. 🙂

Love Sahasra.


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