Some time earlier, i wrote this very long post about how close i am to my grandpa and how much i miss him.
But yesterday while i was just surfing around, i found this very interesting post on a girl’s relation with her father. And i am very much moved.
I loved the post so much that my thoughts went loud for a pretty good time.

When i lost my Grandpa, i’m so moved. But i now remember my mom’s words that she said on that day.
“You have just lost your Grandpa, but i have lost the only parent i have and I no more have my parents around”
The ironic truth in her words did not strike to me in those moments of pain and grief. But now as i think about love, loss and pain we feel when we loose someone so close, i now remember the pain in my mum’s voice that day. Apart from the family she made, she had no one left. Life is no more the same to her. She may be a Grown-up with a family of her own. But still, parents are the ones to whom you turn out to on your worst day. They may become old but they stand out as our pillars for ever. It is obvious that my mother looked up to her parents just like the way we do for her. When she lost her mother, i was in my teens and everything happened all of a sudden then. But with Grandpa, it is not the same case. He suffered a lot from Cancer and finally he gave up. All the while, she knew he was dying. The pace at which his health deteriorated depressed her a lot. She was more depressed that she could not be of much help to him. She spent every free minute, every holiday with him. And i could see the pain in her eyes all the time.

This woman, who is the most important person of my life, and who gave me everything i needed now needs my love and affection to heal her wounds. Our relation with our parents is always one way. They love us and they are the Givers all their life. And its time to make that relation two-way. I need to step into the Givers role now. Give them plenty of love, peace and support. I better realise that she is not just my mother any more. She is one lovely woman who lost her parents too. And i better realise that she needs more love and deserves more respect and need more peace than ever.

Today, being the Indian Teachers Day i wish my Grandpa, my First Teacher – my Mother also a Teacher in her real life a very happy teachers day.
Dear mamma, i love you so much that no words are enough to express my love for you. But i now realise that i need to express my love sometimes so that you never feel like ‘Oh, my kids never love me!’ . You may be more strict and serious when compared to dad, but as they say, that balanced our life when dad spoiled us with his pamper. Thanks for being my first friend in Teenage, when i needed you the most. All my life i remember telling everyone that
dad’s my favourite parent. But in my heart i know this, you treated me as a kid when i was a kid, as a friend when i was a teen and as a shoulder to hold on when i turned out into an adult. You have been there for me during all my tough times. And i know how valuable that is.

And i promise you that i will be there for you whenever you need me, whenever you need a friend, whenever you miss your mother and whenever you need your kid with you. I am always yours and will always be with you and for you.

Love you mamma & Grandpa
Happy Teachers Day Dear Teachers.



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