Pursuit Of Happyness :)

Some people say they watch movies to pass the time. Some say they watch movies for pleasure. Some say they find happiness in movies. Some find lives and livelihood out of movies. But what do i get from movies ? I never really knew the answer. I always wondered what my reason was. Sometimes i think it is the pleasure, the happiness i get out out of them. Sometimes i think i learn something from them. Sometimes i think they give me confidence to live and never did i think that they are just some sort of things that are watched for passing time.

I am never a cry baby. Even when i feel hurt even when i am in pain and even when i fail. I never cry. it is so rare that i cry and it is even rarer that people see me crying. I never do that in front of people. And me being that, do you think i would cry watching a movie ? Logically, i should not. But taking my love for movies into consideration, i should. Yeah..so the chances are equal. 50-50. But the thing is there are very few movies that really made me cry. I don’t even find any pattern or similarities in movies that make me cry. I just go with the intensity of the moment. If the same movie does not make me cry for the second time, then it must be the moment that made me cry not the movie. I may be weak at that particular moment and so i could not stand up to that emotion. i could not hold up to the standard of that emotion. People cannot break me so easily but movies can. A powerful movie with great things in it can make me cry even when i am at my best, strongest. And it will continue to make me cry every time i watch it. And in my weak moments, even a bit of powerful emotion is enough to make me cry.

I just said that people cannot make me cry. But it is not the complete truth. I say this because,it is the people in the movies that make me cry. People with their strong emotions make me cry. I generally hate a tragedy either in real life or on reel. i cannot stand when a person breaks, when their heart breaks, when they could not bind their emotions. I hate to see people losing everything. And that is the only common thing i find in the movies that made me cry. And this explains a part of me. I hate losing anything. I hate the fear of losing anything. I hate me for having that fear. Every moment i try to get rid of that fear. But i fail altogether because it is this fear that makes me move forward. That even helps me achieve better things than i can ever imagine.

People say, it is the sole aim of your life to know what you are meant to do and to achieve it, is to be your life time goal. And i get to meet some thousands of fictional characters through movies. And i love to watch them. Listen to them. Laugh with them. Cry with them(though not every-time). Love with them. And get something from them. Every good movie helps me think and it helps me go a bit ahead in the process of understanding me and others a bit better.

That’s it. And this is what i get from movies. And this is why i love movies. This is why i get this in-explainable pleasure whenever i watch a good movie.

Love… Sahasra


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