Pursuit Of Happyness – 2 :) :)

One might wonder, what is all that blabber in my previous post about and why is it vented out so. The only reason is that i wanted to write something and i just happened to watch a movie. Many people in the world must have watched it. Many said, it was an awesome movie and that it made them cry. One of my colleagues suggested this movie saying that this was one movie that made him cry. And i managed to watch this one recently. And thanks to him, all the while i was just thinking about the scenes that must have made him cry. I was continuously guessing through out the movie. May be i missed the real beauty of the movie thinking all these. And i was also thinking about some reasons that i could explain why the movie did not make me cry. And in this attempt,i may have really lost the nerve to cry. But despite all the thought and everything, the movie finally managed to get some tears out of my eyes. This happened in the very last scene of the movie and for that 2 minutes of emotions i became a fan of Will Smith forever. The Movie is “the pursuit of happyness” . Everyone has their own reason on why this movie made them cry. Well, i had my own one. It is not poverty that struck me. It is not his need or want for a better life that struck me. I just finished reading Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt. It is about a Irish boy and his life..the author himself.
Any one who had an idea about the book would know why poverty or need did not strike me.
After he got the job, he had this happiness in his eyes with tears in, that struck me. This revealed one more aspect of my mind. I not only fear about failure, i just love every single moment of happiness. Yeah, everyone does, but here it is about me. May be this is why i never feel sad for longer periods. A feeling called sad is always momentary for me. Even pain is momentary for me. My mind has this wonderful gift of moving on. It loves happiness so much that it cannot stay in a sad mood for long. See,that is one lovely thing about my mind.

And coming back to the movie, it is really happy to learn that the movie is inspired from a real life story or should i say, a highly successful real life story. And it throws light on the fact that happiness is to be pursued and it creates a ray of hope to every one who is in the pursuit. 🙂 I am sure i will be coming back with a full post on Angela’s Ashes soon. Hoping a wonderful Day to you all.

Love… Sahasra  🙂


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