My Posts : My Thoughts

I do not post regularly. But i do write regularly. And i do save my writings on my notepad and whenever i find some time i start to upload things.

But rarely do i find something that can be posted. I donno about any standards. But looking at people and their wonderful blogs, i feel very nervous while posting my things. But i just hope, someday i will turn out to be competitive enough for others.

My confidence levels with writing are very low. But im trying atleast. Staying anon helps me a lot.

And also i love writing. i mean the normal..pen,paper & Book one. I love it. And i prefer pencil to pen always. I donno if it is somewhere related to psychology. But i love writing with pencil. I go on end less. Some time later, i will try to copy my thoughts from my book to this place.

I just think they are much better than this ones. But may be they are not and this is just my feeling. πŸ™‚

Ohk..Whatever. Im happy being able to post things this way. WorkΒ is good these days. And when i say good, i mean less. So yayyy..i get more time to read, think and then of course to write. πŸ™‚

Love… Sahasra.


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