Life : New Places,Books,Work & Music

🙂 It is nothing new for me to say that im busy. But these days, there is one more thing i am. I am happy too. Like many other things of life, there is no particular reason for me being happy even when im so busy. Well, lets not get confused. 🙂

If i have not told you earlier, i live in a hostel something close to PG accomodation. I have been living in this particular place say X for the last 1 1/2  years. And my only colleague i know over there got married and moved to US some 7 months ago. There have been a few strangers who turned into friends but they were there only for very short periods of time. The whole period was like staying alone with a few on and off relationships. Its been too lonely that it totally changed my thoughts about being alone. As a kid i always liked to be alone. I should say, i enjoyed being alone. I loved all those moments. But now it felt like i had enough of my crazyness and i need a change.

I sometimes even think that it is not being alone for long that bored me, its the number of people i lived with. It is the stability in the environment i missed very much. I just needed fresh memories. Im filled with the old scents and memories of people who had very little or no space in my life. I felt like its time to dump everything and start things afresh. And once im decided, i talked to my colleague about a place to live with them and decided to move over at any cost.(Trust me, it cost me alot. Now im supposed to count every penny of mine to meet the ends this month.)

Now its been 5 days since i moved over to this new place. It is not great. But im Ok. I just needed fresh memories from fresh experiences. Its just yesterday that i unpacked my bags and its like living new again. I really like the way my books are placed here over, since i am left with lot of space for books they just had the luxury to spread out. It was really a beautiful sight for me taking my love books into consideration. It was this morning that i sat watching these little things spread out like yummy dishes on dining table for more than half n hour. I had these brilliant ideas to do with them.

1. I decided to buy more books (2 atleast for a month).

2. To read even more (that means, my poor movies are going to take a back seat).

3. I wanted to read every book again. I wanted to love them a little more 🙂

4. I wanted to write a review for each book i finished reading (And im very serious about it).

And then it was real work. I mean Office work. This is not at all the interesting part but i still want to write. This week is so long that i feel like its never ending. I am just counting every minute for the weekend. Its not that i am free. I have been doing lots of work since monday, i had loads of work to do for the next 2 days. But still, it was like the pressure button which existed somewhere in my system stopped working. I am at ease. I am just working. I mean i stopped worrying about work. Im too preoccupied with thoughts all over my mind to think about work and get tensed. I know, somewhere in the corners of my mind there is this fear lurking around but still, i donn even want to remind me of its presence.

Work was going ok. It was me who started delaying things. I could not find this work interesting anymore. I should say, i am working just to get that meagre pay check i get at the month end. I am trying to get out of this and try something which i am really interested in. But such things take time. I am still searching for a place where my soul finds it interesting enough to keep me engaged. Ok. I am deviating from my post. I will be rambling all these things in any other post.

And since im working at my leisure, the only thing that can make me stick to my place is music. I had a huge collection of hindi and telugu songs that i did not even get to complete the whole list even once. These are such woderful old melodies with super cool lyrics, that i decided to start a blog to place the lyrics of all my favourite songs. I know there are many such blogs. But i just wanted to do it. I am planning to start this one soon.

Thats it guys. I may update more things in my later posts but this is a grand weekly update for me.

Happy weekend Guys. Its 6 Pm Friday, and what the hell am i doing in office!!..chalo…:) bye. Have a great Weekend and hope i have some tons of good things in this weekend 🙂 ok. Bye for now. Yayyy…. Its Firday Eve. 🙂

Love. Sahasra.


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