Bingo :) Another Tear Drenching movie

Looks like im all up for emotionally draining movies.  I enjoyed this one a lot but still i donno if it is because of the cold that caught me after a long break or the movie itself. Finally the outcome is that i had tears rolling down my cheeks nearly twice in the 2nd half of the movie.

I hated to admit that i cried but still i admit it. The lead pair did an awesome job and i love them so much. Love you Nani & Samantha.

This one is a theatrical performance by me  and i donn risk any performance soon since i have been watching a lot of James Bond from the past 2 weeks. I just managed to reach the 80’s (im coming from the first).

Only movie i loved and that i let to stay in my lappy for a while is “On her majesty’s secret service”. Loved Bond and Contessa Teresa.

Im planning for the next theatrical adventure with a movie that is going to be released on the 11th of Jan 2013. And im eagerly waiting for it. It was some sort of family drama. It may have some elements that are capable of making me cry. But im gonna give it a try.

Wish me luck for that. And im sad…no book reading since a couple of weeks…as i said, i was busy with James Bond. 🙂

Love you guys. Bye.



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