Day (378) – What I’ve Learned

Day (378) – What I’ve Learned.

I cannot even explain how much i liked this post.

With some points like ”writing”, i was almost the same.

I donno this blogger before, utill one day i got a mail saying that someone called ‘thebettermanprojects’ is following your blog.

And i was like “WOW, someone’s following my blog!!”. I was too excited. This is because I’ve never had followers or comments on my blog before. The sole reason for my blog posts are to vent out the thoughts moving and living all over my brain.

And naturally i was surprised and happily giggling when i saw that mail.

But the real surprise awaits me in the link to the blog. The blog itself was so much popular and after looking at the guy’s posts, i was like OMG.

Suddenly so many questions popped up in my,

how did he come across my little one(blog)?

what on my blog made him to click that little follow button?

am i capable of gaining attention? i mean can my blog gain attention too?

if so what can i expect? i mean how much popularity can i expect?

will i be so popular like this guy? 🙂

can i continue not writing about my real personal life?

do i need to concentrate more on my blog than i usually do?

what is the path my life is taking me to?

do i have any clear and serious goals of my own?

what am i doing to make my life and this world together a better place to live in?

am i being silly by thinking about all this stuff?

am i happy with my life?

And many many more questions. Many of these are so silly that i even thought twice while typing them in here.

I just brushed away all the thoughts & questions aside and moved onn. I was so busy with my work that i could not go through more than a couple of his posts.

I did not even return him a Thank You. It may sound silly that i wanted to tell him thank you for following my blog.

But believe me, it is not at all silly remembering all happiness & pleasure his follow up mail gave me. It was some sort of recognition to me.

Because i do not even know about his blog. I may not cross paths with his blog in the next few years unless he became irresistingly popular.

And as you all know, he being such an awesome blogger found time to have a look at my blog and follow it. So i guess you now know why i consider this as an achievement.

So a BIG THANK YOU Evan Sanders for making me smile on that day.

And coming to the current post, i just loved it so much that i wanted to give my opinions on each and every point stated.

I bet it would be a great collection of my rambling thoughts.

Thank you for the idea Mr. Better Man

Love.. Sahasra.

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