I Promise

Here are some list of promises that i am making today.

Prior to those, there would be another promise that i need to do. I promise that i will do my best to keep these promises and that i will not allow any feeling, stress or work to break my promises.

1. I will be sleeping 8 hours a day for atleast 5 days a week following the “Early to bed & Early to rise” strategy.

2. I will be working out for 30 minutes a day atleast for 6 days a week.

3. I will be not be eating any junk food or any sweets or any street food for the next 3 months.(26th March 2013 – 26th June 2013)

4. I will not be doing any other work in office other than office work. This includes blogging, blog reading, bank work, job search, extensive mail check, social networking, book reviews, reading, gaming, movies and youtube.

5. I will meet and spend some quality time with atleast one friend a week.

6. I will be in touch with atleast two of my family members every week either by calling them or meeting them personally.

7. I will make time for atleast one book per month.

8. I will not be buying any new books untill i finish reading ALL of my books atleast once.

9. I will say NO to those things that i think i cannot do OR Atleast i will let people know about my capabilities clearly so that i do not stand out to be the reason for their disappointment later.

10. I will not let my internet usage go beyond my phone limit.

11. I will maintain a food dairy to keep an account of all my intake.

These are my Top 11 promises that i promise myself to gain a better and happy me.

Hope i succeed in keeping these promises. Now that i have shouted them out loud, i hope my brain does not even try to think about cheating. 🙂

All these promises will be active from tomorrow. the 26th of March 2013 till i decide.

Love. Sahasra


9 thoughts on “I Promise

    • 🙂 Not at all going good TPL.
      I must say, promises are easy to make and break but very difficult to keep.
      But promising helps. Even if i break a promise for the first time, im trying to make my mind and heart listen to me when im about to break it for the second time.
      It just takes a few failed attempts but the whole thing works.
      I think if they do good to you, you should keep promising.

  1. Like you, I find it helps to write down the promises I make to myself. I don’t mind if I don’t keep them – my list is a record of my attempts to improve myself. Through time I find what works for me and what doesn’t. How is your list of promises looking these days?

    • Exactly the same Lyann. I don’t mind keeping all the promises very strictly but slowly i start taking them along and make habits out of them.
      My pace is a bit slow. I am keeping up with some promises like food, sleep, books and work. Partly keeping up with some and completely ignored some things like exercise(u know its so hard to do everyday!!!).
      I made some new plans to make me work out. I need to wait n see how the plans go out.
      I did not update on any of those promises as i thought i should be updating only when i am satisfied with my efforts, which im not :).

      • One of the best suggestions I’ve come across for exercise: Exercise first thing in the morning, before your brain has a chance to figure out what you’re doing! I have a spinner cycle I hop on periodically throughout the day – just a few minutes here and there add up to quite a lot of exercise, and those minutes also help clear my mind or straighten out my thinking. I also keep sets of dumbbells scattered around the house – pick them up and do mini workouts while I’m waiting for the washing machine or dishwasher to finish a cycle. I do stretches while I’m waiting on the microwave, coffee pot, or the oven timer. If I waited to find some huge chunk of time to ‘work out’, I’d never get around to it!
        As for updating promises…take some time every day to write down the things you did that make you feel happy or satisfied. My list often includes vacuuming, whittling down the laundry pile, keeping my mouth shut when I really felt like giving someone a tongue lashing, skipping the second bowl of ice cream, getting my day’s schoolwork caught up – eventually, the big things on my list of promises to myself get taken care of.
        Lists make me feel better somehow, even when I don’t abide by the lists. I’ve learned to just be patient with myself, although I try to balance that with concerted efforts to improve. It really is all about balance 🙂

        • Even i prefer working out in the mornings itself. But my problem is that i love my sleep so much that i hate to wake up. That very minute, i feel like my bed is my best-est friend in the world and i could not leave it. That one weak moment and the day’s thing is gone.
          But i find your way of exercising really interesting. Till date, i never noticed that i walk a lot while doing the daily chores. I make rounds while waiting for the microwave and washing machine. I always get this comment, “why do u make rounds? it takes a couple of minutes. Sit for a while”. But i never listen to people. I never use dumbbells or anything but i walk. It is a form of exercise right!! i never noticed that. I will try including mini workouts in my routine. Thanks for the idea.
          I need to make up more time for writing. I usually write whenever i get a few minutes but they all lie on notepads all over my laptop. I hardly find any time to read them again, edit them and post them. And my mind you see, cannot concentrate on one thing at a time. It is a challenge for me to focus on one thing. My thoughts continuously wander across a thousand topics in a moment. Most of the times it was like, i start writing something and end up writing about something else. Will definitely do that everyday writing thing. so that, one day i can consolidate all those and set them out.
          To be patient about myself, yeah i need to learn that. I mostly get frustrated with me. High expectations you see. Yeah, life is all about balancing things the right way. That’s a life time learning. 🙂

          • I agree, walking is better than sitting! And I have the same problem with waking up – eventually, though, I always manage to get up…I gave up on ever having a ‘normal’ schedule, so I just count whenever I get up as the morning. Some days are better than others, and I don’t always begin with exercise. I really prefer sitting with a cup of coffee and thinking – eventually I get moving and eventually I get on the spinner.
            You wouldn’t believe how many notebooks and notepads I have – like you, I figure eventually I’ll get my notes and thoughts all sorted out, maybe all in one place! I’m in school now because I really needed a reason to actually focus my mind. My thoughts tend to race, just like yours – that has a lot to do with why I have trouble getting around to sleeping…and when I finally do sleep, I’m like you and don’t want to get out of bed. Since I’ve been back in school, though, it’s a lot easier to get up – I really look forward to all I have to do.
            Don’t worry about starting to write something and end up writing about something else – I’ve found that’s actually quite common. Many times I’ve found that what I thought was the beginning of what I’m writing about is actually the ending. If you can get used to it, try writing on the computer – it’s so much easier to move things around!
            Yes, be patient with yourself – you will find the balance you’re looking for, I’m sure! 😀

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