Life Lessons

Thank you so much for this post.
I knew almost all of these but at times, you need a reminder of certain things that help you gain a hold on life again. These help me focus again on reassessing my priorities, my dreams and to get back on track.
This is really an unhappy phase in my life where i feel like i almost forgot how to handle pressures and awkward things that life throws at us. But happily, this day i also realize that i changed a lot but for the better.
Now, i would want to thank all those ungrateful and unhappy people in my life who taught me what not to be and who taught me how not to be. Sadly, these people helped me realize that i changed for the better. They made me realize the importance or value of the real people who love me, appreciate me and respect me for whatever i am.
I am telling you, this is not something that i posted out of hatred or pain but it is something that i posted out of content and happiness on me realizing the presence of so many nice people in my life and how lucky i am to have them. It was something very much assuring to know that i am a better person now.
Love & Thanks

My Latter Half

I long ago gave up on “therapy” because it seemed always to center on trying to resolve the past. When I recently encountered someone from my past, with whom I had long anticipated again having a relationship grounded in the present,  I was surprised not only by how far I have moved beyond my past, but by the resentment and anger that was spewed at me for having done so. As I live now, even yesterday is the past, and while I enjoy reminiscing about many daily experiences, I don’t dwell on them, and I certainly don’t wallow in whatever negative experiences I encounter.

It is difficult to explain to those who have little life experience, that many times life demands that people make a choice between 2 really awful options. While there is no escaping having to make a decision, a choice, it is possible to escape a sense of…

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4 thoughts on “Life Lessons

  1. Namaste Sahasra 🙂
    How wonderful to read your beautiful words, written from a place of contentment and happiness! Isn’t it amazing how the most ungrateful and unhappy people can lead us to the realization that we have grown and changed for the better, as well as to an understanding of the importance of having people in our lives who truly love, appreciate, and respect us – what blessings!

    It warms my heart to know that my words have touched you, and that you have shared them. Thank you for reblogging my post – we can both hope that not only my words, but yours as well can help others on their journey through this crazy-beautiful world.


    • 🙂 Thanks for your kind words Lyann.
      Yepp, some good realizations indeed that i made 400 minutes of overseas calls in one day 🙂 :P. And they are not wasted, as i felt real happiness inside me after talking to my family and friends.
      But i should admit, Hatred is something that is very hard to control. I am struggling every moment not to hate others and try to think from their point of view thinking that may be they had some reason which i could not see. Being a normal girl, this is all so hard and new for me. I never had the experience of people hating me or me getting hurt this bad. I guess, i just landed in the real world. I was just hoping that this phase passes on without leaving me scarred. I was just wishing for a little peace of mind.
      Yeah. I would be really happy if my words help someone. But i don’t dream that high as i am just expecting this to be my little memoir.

      Lyann, thanks for following. 🙂

      • It’s definitely difficult to cope with being hated and hurt. I’ve struggled, too, with feelings of hatred toward others. It helped to step things down, and I began with the understanding that we are not our thoughts – we can control our thoughts with our will. So, we must will ourselves not to hate. Whenever I begin to feel hatred, instead of saying “I hate that”, I choose to say “that makes me angry.” I hardly even do that anymore, because I began to say “That really annoys me.” Eventually I chose not to even say the words, and I have been able to just let things go without analyzing – it’s taken a lot of practice, but now I am able – more often than not – to just let karma take care of things. I don’t wish anything bad for anyone, I just know I also don’t wish anything bad for myself, and to wish something bad for someone is essentially wishing that for myself…I may not be able to wish good things or say kinds words about people or situations which annoy me, but at least I don’t say or think anything bad. I believe it is the Dalai Lama who said something to the effect that hating someone is like poisoning yourself. Just practice not going there – it will be worth it, I assure you. Eventually you will find that your pain will begin to subside. I’m still working on not allowing myself to feel hurt by others. I use these principles in reverse – their bad attitudes and hurtful words/actions are going to hurt them, not me. I’m not wanting that, but I can really only control my thoughts, feelings and reactions and leave them to work out their own issues for themselves. You can have peace of mind if you really want it, and I know you do 🙂

        • All my life i believed that i can never ever hate anyone. My explanation is that, i may be angry at them for hurting me. But as time passes by, the hurt subsides and so does the anger. I may not be the one to go and be friends with them again, but im the one who can give a true smile when they looked at me. I am happy that i am built this way.
          Now when i am facing a similar situation of hurt, i just want to get rid of the hurt and feel free. i know that time heals. But i do not want to have this phase called anger and hurt. I may not be on talking terms with them. I may look strong to the outside world. But i know that i turned fragile. I know that i am still in pain. Thinking or wishing bad for them is totally out of question as im not even in a place to do that. I am more worried about me now. To hurt me, is their choice. I should not let their deeds pain me, that’s what i am trying to work out. I do believe in the concept of karma. I leave others to their own and i live my own thing. This is something that i was taught all life. They also taught me that i would really know the meaning of it when i face the situations. Now i do. The essence is simple. Do things the way you think you should be doing. If love comes in the way, embrace it. If hurt comes in the way, let it not cause you pain and show that it is unwanted.
          Your words are magical Lyann. Hope you succeed in not allowing yourselves to feel hurt. Yes, i really want some peace and i know i will get it.
          Thanks for the wonderful healing words.
          I need all the hugs. 🙂

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