Confused as ever!


What are they to us if they do not or could not talk to us. I never get this right!
I know, the quote has a beautiful meaning. But what I wonder is, what good is it to us if those who can understand us, who know our plight even before we tell them, are never there at the moment when u need their presence the most? I know such people who love me for what I am, who supports me no matter what i do, who gives me the same respect I give to me. I love them for all that. I am truly thankful to them for being there for me.
But what use is this love n affection to me if that is not a part of my regular life. Yes, most of these people were those who studied with me or went to school with me or the ones who grew up with me.
For most, I am not a part of their active regular life’s. I understand thar people adapt and grow. That is a process in which priorities change.
With all this, how can you think that it is fine to have some people in life who are there for you when you need them?  No, I don’t think so. I think we should make new friends, new relations all the time so that you do not feel left out when a friend gets too busy for you. May be then, friends will stay friends and we stay normal!
I know I am complicating things and overthinking. Someone said it right, life is as simple as we take it. Why do I choose to make it complicated always? 🙂 that’s me!

If you think that im an idiot talking non-sense, im totally cool but you need to think a moment before you come to some conclusion, that this is the sole purposes of this blog- to capture my wandering thoughts into words for my future references.  🙂

Bye..n good night!




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