Passion for life

If one day the speed kills me, do not feel sad as I was smiling then – Paul Walker
Loved the attitude. It was really sad to know that this blue eyed Brian is no more there. Couldn’t imagine FnF without him.
Really felt sad knowing that he’s no more.
And to tell the truth, I really don’t understand those feelings. I just loved the movie series. Im never a big fan of Brian. But somehow, it felt really bad reading about his death.
Why do we love movies so much? Why do we love those characters so much? And eventually, why do we fall in love with those real people who play those characters?
Why do we feel happy when something good happens to them and why do we feel sad when something bad happens?
Do we really have answers to these questions or are these the type of questions which never have answers!
Such a puzzle this life is! But we have to love it and live it.

And coming to this statement of Brian, I just think he was amazing. It just shows his love for the work he does. It shows his passion for the things he loved.
One should be like that. We should love whatever we do and we should be living that life to the fullest. And that day when we are really in love with what we do, life becomes happy and loving.
Only with that contentment, we accept the final phase of life as gracefully as we should.
I think that’s what he meant, he was living the life he wanted to and he was content even death comes in the path!

One day, I will definitely be telling the same about something that I could love so much. That day I will recall Paul’s words again for the wonderful message they gave me.

Thank you and RIP Paul walker.



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