Not so good results of a self check :)

Hahaha.. Who am i kidding!!!
Just going through my old posts and this is the first reaction i gave when i came across the promises i made.
🙂 Its an year and thought i need to give a honest update for my self. I kicked most of these promises right into the bin, but some, i did follow. Lets check these point by point.
1. 8 Hours sleep a day – These days, yes but not the whole year for sure. But it feels good that i’m doing this now.
2. Exercise – I definitely did not do it 5 times a week. I would say, that i completely failed at this, if not for the 2 hour badminton n 2 hour yoga sessions every week.
3. No junk and sweets – I really did this but only for a few months on and off. I want to try this again now. I know its hard but i can fill in veggies and fruits with the junk. Lets see.
4. Better usage of office time – I realised that this is an impossible one for me. How can one not get distracted in office?
I do my work well but it is a fact that i hate a busy day if it does not let me read the blogs i love. I need a half hour per day at the least.
I decided not to sacrifice this totally, but to try limiting the time. I should concentrate on my career more at least while i’m in office.
5. Time for Friends – Bingo. This one is going really well. I now call it a boring weekend if i don’t get to meet anyone.
6. Time for Family – Well, it went well initially but i could not do it for long. Relatives are really difficult especially the elder ones. But i think i should give it a try again.
7. One book a month – I think i did it but in a different way. Its like, i read no books for a few months and suddenly complete 5 in a single month. That’s me!! Can’t help it.
By the way my count is just 15 in 2013 and i need to touch the 30 mark this year.
8. No new books – Aaaaah. This was a really difficult one and needless to say, i bought a dozen books till date after the post! I am sure now.. i can never fulfill this promise.
Come on, how can one resist the urge to buy the book when it looks at you so seducingly in its new shiny covers and hard covers. No, i can’t put up a harsh act infront of any book!.
9. Saying NO – Well, i excelled at this. I am a better me now. By better, i mean happy.
10. Internet Usage – Haha. I can never say no to Sitcoms, but these days, i’m keeping my internet usage in control Or at least i think so.
11. Food Dairy – NO. Cannot do it. Found it to be the most boring task.

Some of the things on my list are interlinked, say or example, the 8 hours sleep one is linked to internet usage.
All the time i spend online wasting my money and bandwidth on youtube and sitcoms, reduces my sleep time. So internet usage is inversely proportional to my sleep time.
I realised that i should come up with a bit more realistic approach towards betterment. I have something in mind and i’m even implementing some of them right now, so may be i’ll post something again soon.



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