Some thoughts that came across

I was actually reading this book on Bhopal Gas Tragedy by Lapierre & Moro and was reading something about the factories set up by Carbide for the production of MIC in Kanahwa Valley. It says something about the statistics that noticed a rise of different malignant cancers upto 20% after the setup of the different other factories in the valley, mostly due to the chemical wastes released by factories in the process of producing different products or base chemicals. 

The point that caught my thought is, despite all the statistics, Carbide was permitted to set up its manufacturing unit for MIC to be used in production of Sevin, its highly rated pesticide. Suddenly i was reminded of something similar and it is none other than our very own Amish Tripathi who talked about the manufacturing units of somras which released its wastes into the rivers flowing into distant lands and thereby causing tumors in human bodies that resulted in nagas and some more deadly diseases in other kingdoms.

Amish, being the intellectual he is, must have taken concepts of life in real world and merged them with the spirit of Indian Mythology to create his wonderful content. Those books talk about our way of identifying and adapting concepts like, Good – Bad, God – Evil, Life – Death, Love – Hate etc. I have not finished my current book yet and I really have no idea what happened to Carbide and Sevin after the tragedy, but there is one thing i am sure about, that it is always a cycle.

Sevin was created as a part of saving the crop world from the invasion of insects. Saving our food there by saving our race. And it might even have fulfilled its purpose, but when the good purpose is mixed with those very humane qualities like greed and selfishness, delivered a death blow to our very own race and that is one very good factor for self destruction.

It sometimes makes me believe that any thing in extremes results in something not really good. It can be good or bad, in extremes everything is dangerous to us. How do we know and how do we actually realise that it is time that we have attained the level and we just need to maintain the balance. How on earth is that possible to notice and how on earth is that possible to maintain.

It just makes me feel that we are all created to be doomed. Why help us develop technology? Why let us face the results? Why let us create and why let us ruin? Why get better if the only result is to fall again? I think this person called God really enjoys this game just like the way we do races with animals. This person makes us follow this vicious cycle every time and enjoys all of this. I bet this is just a game to him. Of all this, if this was the original plan, why give us this stupid something called the Brain which lets us know and think about all this non sense? Truly, if there is something called God or Gods, they must have been really crazy for doing all this.

I know i’m going crazy. But these are just my passing thoughts and i need to put them down to go ahead with my book. 🙂

Good night.

with loads of love n confusion,



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