Wild goose chase

22 APRIL 2014, 06:25 PM
Why do i get demotivated so soon?
It was like this minute I have this burning spirit to get better at life n work hard for it and suddenly there comes this moment where all the fire is just gone n I lie there just like a log.
I am not a log n donn even want to be one. I am a person with really high energy levels but at times it seems like I love to play the opposite! N that too at the cost of my productivity. I am clearly not happy about it.
I so badly wanted to change this part of me.
By the way, this thing of mine, is not something new to me. I was always the distracted child. Distraction gets me easily. I am so amused with almost everything that happens around. Everything is worth my attention but nothing for too long.
I was that kid in the class who paid undivided attention to the class for the first 30 minutes n donn even have a clue of what happened in the class for the rest of the time! I was clueless. I just never got caught with the first 30 min knowledge. I even remember mum’s words telling me not to look at anything else other than my notebook so that I wouldn’t get distracted.
Is this what they call the Attention deficity disorder?
Heard of it before but never thought I had it! May be I had. I need to do my Google assisted research on this.
I better figure out some solution to this stupidity.
The funny thing is I always boasted about my brain not holding to any thought for a any certain amount of time. I thought it was something special or unique. I have to accept this fact though, this quality helped me overcome all kinds of pain n sorrow at really fast paces.
Now, i’m going to act out of remorse. No, I didn’t commit any sin but I wasted lot of time at work today due to this quality of mine. I am just going to correct it by finishing all those pending tasks now.
Baby steps, but yes i’m going to change for the better.
Wish me good luck. 🙂


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