Blogging n reading blogs

I happen to read a lot and blogs are my favorite. The reason why i love reading blogs so much is because they contain stories of real people and their real lives. I don’t think that people reveal everything on blogs but still I read because I think that a person’s blog gives you a glimpse of what their is life is about and the struggle story of their life. I like to learn things from mine and others experiences as well. It is interesting to read the sweet love stories, cute baby stories, hard working lives, teen crushes, relationship issues, joy of birth and pain of death and what not.
People’s happiness gives me hope and sadness prepares me for the unknown by showing me how cruel life can turn. I try to give them some soothing or words of hope and pray for them for the hard time to pass soon and I know I can do nothing more. I just try to do the best I can.
I see so many wonderful blogs out there that I find my writings long and boring. Maybe, I will get better with time if I keep on writing. All these wonderful blogs that I read and the bloggers that write those blogs are the reason why I keep on writing and they give me enough courage to go on.

Thanks to all these people out there who inspire so many like me and please keep on writing and inspiring others.

Thanks and love,


2 thoughts on “Blogging n reading blogs

  1. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the comment and wish.
    I agree that i am not a frequent visitor at your blog but that’s just because i found you recently and was in the middle of reading other blogs back then. I just started reading your blog today and so far i find it amusing, informative and cool. πŸ˜› i’m no where feeling proud, there’s lot to catch up.
    And i don’t mean to say that every long post is boring. It is just that sometimes when i try to read my posts, i find them boring and leave reading in the middle itself. I think that i lack the capability to hold readers till the end. I could see so many wonderful long posts/blogs out there which make me read till the very end. I just want that in my writing. That’s the target.

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