My Fat Story – part 1

If anyone had noticed, there are 2 things about me that I already confessed. My age and my weight. Yes, I am 24 years old and I weigh 89 kgs. The latest addition to the list is my height, which is 5’6.
All these details here are just to start my story. I am just trying to list the statistics that clears my entry into the OFO (Overweight, FAT, Obese) Club. That’s an achievement you see. I had to eat everything that came my way for 10 years without a single movement for the body. You could never imagine how difficult it was.
If you haven’t noticed my goodreads currently reading list yet, I am reading Kalli Purie’s Confession’s of a serial dieter. Till now, I have bought and tried to follow 5 books on health & fitness. Never did I find any one of them this interesting, informative, inspiring and also funny. Covered only 3 out of the total 8 parts but I know it will be completed soon and will be followed by a re-read.


The latest piece of information out of it and I scored a perfect 10 with the list!
People might think that i’m wrong, but I don’t really care. I just hate myself for being this way. I just hate my body that doesn’t let me be happy.  I just hate it for every stupid remark/comment that I get. I hate being called the fatso.  I hate almost everything and anything around me.
If only, there is some love around to soothe.  If only there is someone who tells me that I could do it and that its ok even if I couldn’t. If only there is someone who could love me for what I am! And all these issues would be nothing if I could let me be myself and not get worried about the other people and their opinions about me.
Sad but true that I couldn’t love myself for the way I am and I expect others to do. I am such a hypocrite you see.
I want to love myself again and live happily and this is just the start to my fat story and there’s a lot coming up and Kalli purie is my inspiration for this one.



2 thoughts on “My Fat Story – part 1

  1. Hey .. yes you can do it.. I think we think about it tooo much..
    I kniw the feeling of what will others say.. and I think if you caan get over that half the battle is won..
    All the best with everything. .

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