Music to me

My thoughts do not flow like a silent river nor do they rise and fall like tides. They are like some tens of tornadoes attacking together or some sets of small whirlpools together forming a big one.
If there is any chance for a sane person to read my mind, I am sure they’ll be turning insane in no time. That’s the frequency and intensity of my thoughts.
Music to me is the only thing in this world that could help me streamline my thoughts and make some use of them. I am seen plugged in for almost 5 hours during any busy work day and to compensate the damage that i’ve been doing to my ears, I would just remove the earphones whenever I have no or relatively less work. Peop never understand why I don’t listen to music when i’m free and would even think that i’m wasting time when i’m really working. Anyways, I don’t care about them as I know that as long as me n my boss were happy with my work, I wouldn’t have any issues.
But the point is, music is a must for me when I work on highly pressurized and equally important tasks. It helps me control the frequency and even distracts me enough that I can ignore the whole world around. It is infact a boon to me.
And when i’m angry with myself or anyone else, the first thing that comes to me is tears. Yeah, I don’t shout, yell or curse at people but have tears in my eyes. No one can ever stop them from flowing except music. It is a major distracting mechanism that I created for myself. And sometimes when i’m really mad at people and tears are at loss(worst case), I would definitely say something that I would regret forever. If only could I control my mouth for a couple of seconds and plug in my headphones, dang! , music becomes the life saver again.
Okay, i’m writing all this ramble here just because I am incredibly happy with music and the collection I have for letting me forget the pain for a while when I almost cracked down with pain from the injury I had and also helped me from controlling my hard emotions towards a friend who was really unhelpful when I was in pain. She’s not at fault as she is just busy with her affairs. It was just the wrong timing and had I blurted out my discomfort and irritation, it would’ve costed me some days to mend the relationship again and it wouldn’t be scratch free ever.
I cannot imagine or change the way my thoughts run(wild), but can be thankful to this wonderful thing called music that gives me lot of peace and happiness.
Hope you enjoy and benefit from music as much as I do. And now, enjoying the music that plays to my senses, i am signing off.
Good night.



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