Job and the saga – part 1

How should/could i explain about my job. I don’t even know where to start. But since every story has to start at some point, i will try to start this one at some point.

I have completed my graduation in 2010 May and there was no job in hand except the degree. So, the plan was to go home, enjoy for a month and then head to the city in search of a job. But why is it called life if everything goes according to the plan. My dad met with an accident that caused a sprain(or something similar) in the spinal cord and had to be in hospital for a month and then bed rest at home for another month. My mum, is a working woman. She teaches English for high school children and never think of it as an easy or light job to handle.Teaching is never an easy profession. To those who are committed, it becomes a huge responsibility along with lots of manual labour to be done. Coming to my dad, he is an insurance agent and he earns his business by meeting, talking and convincing prospective, existing and old clients and i tell you, it involves lot of travel and stress. Here with him being in hospital, resting all the time, there is a big hole in his business and hence the income. The only countable income is what my mum earns. With this and some prior financial commitments, there is no chance for my mum to leave her job and take care of my dad. My sister was in her 12th and you would know how tensed she must be with all the exams she had to write. The only one left was me. And the holiday that i imagined at home was completely transformed into this nursing session with me taking care of home and my father. Mostly, mum managed the cooking and house part but she had no energy left for hospital duties.

I spent almost 2 1/2 months at home attending to my dad and helping mum around. Since someone was supposed to be with him all the time, the only off during the day was an hour in the evening when my mum or my uncle would be with him. I had my driving class for that hour and though it helped me get the driving license, it failed to instill the confidence in me that i can drive.

And once my dad was back to sitting and walking, i thought it was time to go the city and search for a job since that’s what all my friends were doing at that point of time. I landed in the city in the first week of August 2010 and a cousin of mine enrolled me into this highly successful job training class in the very same week. I missed some fifteen days of classes but i still wanted to continue as the next batch was supposed to start only after a month. It was a 4 month course and in parallel, i joined a coaching class for MBA entrance exams. I was spending my dad’s hard earned money on these classes and i don’t even know if they are worth it or not. I was in that confused stated where i’m not sure of choosing one specific career path.

This job training class was a bit difficult for me because i never considered myself good enough for a software job. I always thought that i am not a developer/coder kind of person. Despite my computer sciences bachelor degree, I never had the confidence to move ahead in the field. Though i was taught the very same subjects that i learned in college, it was really amazing to learn from people who were experts on the subject and learning it along with some really bright minds made wonders to my self confidence. I started to think that i can at least put up a fight even though i may not win the battle. Meanwhile, the other class was severely affected as this one consumed all the time and energy and i was only left with just enough time to attend the class. But i must say, the classes used to be amazing. The lecturers were so good at their job that i used to go the class being nearly sleepy but came out bouncing with joy. I would go back to those classes anytime. Though i did not take the exam, the classes alone were worth the money.

And then, my cousin came into picture again. He is the same one who made me join this job training coaching that turned out extremely good for my technical knowledge and confidence as well. He took me to some place where walk-in’s were being conducted for Google. And i successfully managed to fail at it. With that, boom came down my hopes of getting a good job as i could not even pass the first round of something that i thought i could do anytime. It was a huge but a good blow. It brought me back to earth after some days of dangerous high flying.

It was then that i started taking my coaching seriously. I started reassessing my capabilities and preparing afresh. Right after one month after this, mid October i guess, they told us that we are shortlisted for this company(lets say C) and we are supposed to do the technical and hr rounds the next week. I did not take it very seriously but was prompt in completing my daily assignments and revising the whole work every week. I was good but not completely ready.

I think it is already a long post and i was the only one left at work on a Friday evening. I will continue my story soon and will take leave for now. Its raining outside. Late monsoons you see. Love them despite all the troubles they cause. 🙂

Have a nice evening and good bye.



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