Me and my Korean drama fever

As the being sick phase continues, the regular cold like think went on to be a sinus issue showing up along with fever and really bad cough that demanded me to be qurantined(i’m kidding) for the last 4 days. But now, i am good and recovering eating all the veggie and healthy food!. And what have i been doing all these days on my bed? No way, i am going to sleep day and night. My sleep is really valuable to me but never do i sleep during the day and nights are too cold to sleep and my cough wouldn’t just let me sleep. I just stayed awake almost all the time sparing very few hours of sleep just because of all that medication i had.
I watched my 2 dramas in 4 days. A total of 50(1 hr) episodes. I dunno where i got the engergy to do all of that. But i made a list of points that one of the dramas taught or remind or made me think. I think it is a good list and worth your time. So here it goes.

1. I am able to see what it is like to have someone close go missing.
Never did i think about that pain people go through in such situations. I think i now understand it a bit.
2. I learnt a bit about the power of being true to yourselves and to your friends.
Staying loyal and loving your friends and family is all life is about.
3. The beauty of a good body. Aaah… let me not even start this concept again.. You know, i am obsessed with having the perfect body(Only this time, it was a guy… so i guess i am allowed to stare and enjoy, Afterall, he is showing off his 6-pack on a tv show!! 🙂
4. I started to think of money not as good or bad but as scary.
5. And no matter what happens, you have to stick to what you believe in.. for, that alone brings you bliss, happiness and most importantly, peace.
6. No matter what you think, a smile will always make you beautiful and fill warmth in the person that recieved it.
Smile for yourself and others might catch the contagious disease. 🙂 🙂 Smile Please :).. Also, you probably know this quote, “Smile, it makes people wonder”. It really does. If you don’t believe me, then just try it out for once, you’ll definitely see the difference.:)
7. Old habits die hard, but the fact is, they do die if one tries earnestly.
8. Trust your instinct, always.. n always. Though sometimes you may go wrong, it is defintely worth it for all the good it brings.
9. Little things, small things and silly things can really make you happy. One just needs to know the right way to look at things.
Infact, i feel that we always find happiness in silly things but the only problem is we fail to acknowledge or realise the happiness or the reason that caused it.
10. I already believe in things like Karma and Destiny but it feels like my belief got a bit stronger than it used to be.
11. Angels may be from heaven but they definitely do not stay there forever. They stay in us, among us and with us all the time. You just fail/refuse to acknowledge their presence. As far as i am concerned, big or small, every single thing or reason or person that made us smile is an angel in its/their own form. Never ever ignore their presence, for it might be too late by the time you are definitely sure.
12. Don’t do something you’ll regret. I actually have second thoughts about this one.. but anyway its never bad if it made you think.
13. Dont ever feel sorry(for not accepting my love), instead be happy in your relationship with hwan.
I will have no regrets only if the person i like recieves her happiness, so that i can say, “Compared to me, the person you choose is the right one for you.”
Okay, this is not something i learnt, but a dialogue by my favourite character in the show, so just added it. But hey, it is nice though.
14. I always told people that our parents are the only people in the world that love us to death and are ready to do anything for us if they think it helps us.
But these days with their continous health issues, changing attitudes and my marriage issues, my parents just seem so different to me these days. I can only recall those happy days when i unconditionally and undoubtedly refused or rejected anything that would hurt them not because they had me under control or they pressurised me, but because i truely felt that their love was something that someone can never replace or take away from me.
These days, whenever i feel like i am losing that confidence, i needed that pat in the back reminding me gently of what they are to me in reality and to not let trivial things affect the beautiful relationship we have.

🙂 So this is it. The list. If you really made it to the end of the post and are reading this, just so that you know, the name of this drama is “Shining Inheritance”. It is nothing special but just another K Drama, but i loved it as it made me stop and write in between.

Good Morning and have a great week guys. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Me and my Korean drama fever

  1. point 9 :- totally agree and point 6 too SMILE
    but point 12 .. how will we know we are going to regret till we actually do it , I believe do everything your heart desires at least you will know what not to do Second time 🙂
    and point 14th is something i beleive in tooo.. it is true.. experienced now in life and found that people are not what they say they are… THEY are what we found them to be during our hard times ..
    Hope you ha a great monday and heres wishing a good week ahead tooo

    • 🙂 Thank you for the smile.
      12 – what i exactly mean is never do something that you are sure that you’ll regret in future. At times, people tend to do things that they never want to out of momentary desires or selfish feelings and thoughts. That’s what i wanted people to avoid but not anything else.
      Thanks for your time bikram. 🙂

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