Some random things to start again..

I know its long and almost a month since i have posted something. I can only blame work for that. Though i should agree that my laziness is partly the reason, its mostly work that stopped me from writing. I just managed to read my emails for some 10 minutes a day in the morning and that’s all i could do.

I work as a services consultant and i do reporting too. So, whenever i have work, i will have loads of it with scary tasks and frightening deadlines. And when i don’t have work, i can do anything. No one cares even if i watch movies(though i make sure that no one notices :P). I will be that free. Towards the end of July and earlier this month, I have been idle for a while doing all those stupid(easy) tasks with no deadlines or challenges. All of a sudden, all these clients woke up and started bombarding us with work orders and requests for proof of concepts. Now, there’s tonnes to do again with little or no time to breathe. And i just cannot concentrate on anything else when a client is breathing down my neck or when there is a deadline hanging over me. I will talk to friends, go to movies, eat out, attend weddings and do 100 other stupid things but can never do a thing that demands effort from my brain. I cannot make my mind forget work and enjoy doing anything else. That’s me and i cannot help it. I just have to finish the work and then party hard. That’s the only goal my mind ever sees.

And i have delivered a couple of work orders last week, finished phase 1 of a long pending project, and a couple of other projects were in testing phase now. And i get to play as i wait for other works to start. Since yesterday, i have been reading a bit and started stalking some new blogs. I decided to go with 2 blogs for now. See, don’t get confused. I’m no serious stalker here. Whenever i find a good blog, i just want to read it completely. I cannot read it from the current post. I have to start from the beginning and catch up with the recent posts. Once i finish reading, i subscribe to the news letter and follow them. That way, i feel like i completely know what i’m reading about.

The two bloggers that i am reading/stalking right now are bikram and aarya . They are just amazing and anyone will find them interesting. There are links over the names, just in case you might want to follow. They might be wondering who this stalker girl is who is commenting on years old posts. But, bikram knows what i am doing and so probably he doesn’t think that way. Either way, i’m not gonna stop. 🙂 They are so good at what they write and obviously i feel like reading every single post. I found some amazing blogs this way and it is nice to know about people, read their thoughts and their transition throughout the years. And moreover, reading is really easy when compared to writing. You see, its easy to read, hit the like button and move on than think, write, proof read, preview and print a post. 🙂 I’m lazy, can’t help it.

Finally, some news that’s really interesting(well, to me!). I was nominated for the Leibster award by the ever sweet and caring Susie Reece. Thank you so much for the award Susie. I literally did a happy dance when i saw the notification. 🙂 This was my second award and i am really happy and equally grateful for that. I never expected awards for my blog but i have to accept that it really feels nice and cool to get one. I need to do posts soon for the two awards. I wish i can control myself from reading a bit and motivate myself to write more. I will and i have to. 🙂 Its already 6pm and i have to leave. 🙂

Good bye and good evening.





2 thoughts on “Some random things to start again..

  1. yesssssssssss PLEASE DONT STOP 🙂 and actually it is good for me , even I am getting to read what I wrote years back .. thank you thank you for mentioning me …
    I must say I do the same too although I dont go back years, when i go on to a new blog I make sure to read there current article and go back a few too.. just a habit .. but HATS OFF TO YOU…
    and totally with you , it easy to press the like button and move on but such is the way of the blogging world 🙂 many dont even read the whole article for them it is the first few lines and the last few lines … it is all about traffic how to make them come to your OWN blog.. 🙂
    and Congratulations on the award yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

    • I must admit that the number of years and the in numerous posts frighten me a bit but the effort is all worth it. And as I continue reading them, I don’t feel like there’s something that I don’t know. It feels like I know everything they ever wanted to say and I feel like I understand them a bit better.
      And thank you too. 🙂

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