To say the truth, i am no true partner of tears.
I always cheated them. I never let them go when they are natural and left them to flow on behind everyone’s back.
Yeah, being an introvert is difficult and different. There are very few people in my life who know my tears.
Very few knew that i am an emotional, sensitive and desperately romance loving girl who breaks into tears for the silliest reasons in the world.And these “Very Few” are some persons really close to me, my books and my other forms of reading world. But never are movies a part of this league. I know people who buy a pack of tissues for just a movie. I am the one who always laughed at such people and now, i think slowly but clearly, i am becoming a part of this league.
And the most unexpected thing happened to me today. This movie, 50-50 made me cry enough that i need not even wash my face before going to bed. It is cleanly washed by the natural chems from my eyes.

🙂 I happened to see this post typed on one of my notepads and instantly reminded me of the incident that happened recently. I was watching this Pakistani TV show called “Humsafar” and i broke into tears in the very first episode and it made me cry continuously throughout the end. Though i know i would cry, I did not expect that i would be crying all the while 🙂
Looking back, this is a huge change for me. I am realising that i am turning into this thing called Emotional Fool. These days, tears never stop flowing. I guess i am opening up more than i ever thought i could.
I know that i am changing these days but never knew that i would open up and change so much that my very old weapon and secret called tears start to give up on me and flow on for every small thing. 😛 🙂
I used to be this mystery girl who always had a strange smile on her face which never revealed her state of mind. I am what i spoke and clearly not any more. 🙂 Now, i am talking more, taking more initiatives and crying for almost everything. I am changing and hope that’s for the better.



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