Pain is a real thing.
Whoever said that pain is an imaginary thing unless it is in pair with a physical injury is just ignorant or maybe too lucky.
That pain, that lies within, that eats you slowly in and out, that pain which becomes unbearable at times that you end up crying out loud just to let the sounds of pain fade away in the sounds of your cries.
And then there are times when this unbearable pain is eating you away and you are not in a place where you can cry your hearts out. That’s really horrible. The more horrible thing is someone expecting you to be cheerful and happy in such moments.
Pain that I’m causing myself in the name of respecting them and their wishes. More pain that awaits after knowing that even after all that I’ve been through, they really couldn’t find peace and they are still suffering. That’s really awful. I just hate myself for setting me up for such situations.
Then there is this pain that is caused by someone who is trusted well enough to share all those quite and intimate moments of life and then they leave you without any reason or explanation. I wish you’ve given me something to move on rather than leaving me with this painful silence. I guess, this pain is the only thing that could give me courage to start afresh.
Trust is something really hard to build. I just don’t understand how some people do not even think twice before breaking it to pieces. If only they have any idea of the amount of pain they are causing to that other person!
And to all those wonderful people who are there for you when you cry in pain and to those really cute people who don’t even have a clue about my issues but just understand my mood and try to cheer me up or hear ne out just to help me relieved.

Life, being the weird thing it is, gives you enough ppl to cause havoc and then enough ppl to help you sit back again. 🙂 maybe, its true when they say that ‘life comes to a circle!’  🙂

Hope u are those lucky ones who never get to know this pain and even if you knew, i hope you have someone to share such hard moments, and I hope you recover from it really soon and well.



2 thoughts on “Pain

  1. There is so much misconception from those suffering from inner pain, particularly from those who have never experienced it.
    Whatever pain, you may at this time been have to endure, I sincerely hope you are okay. It is real. Thank you for writing this. Thank you for sharing.
    May you always have the courage to write so transparently, to express yourself so vividly, and sincerely hope there will be healing and release.

  2. Yes, it is ignorance and misconception. Sad thing is people pass comments or make statements for free and they hurt a lot. And on the other hand, knowing what it is like, i can never wish for them to experience what i feel at that moment. Puts me in a confusion on how to behave and think.
    I guess it is that moment that i felt like i cannot take any more and had to release it somewhere and i somehow managed to write it down. I’m glad i did it as it really helped me.
    🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, supporting me through and of course, for the compliments. Your words really mean a lot as i never thought i am good at expressing my emotions. I am trying though. Thanks Carl.

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