Brida by Paulo Coelho – First thoughts

I am currently reading Brida by Paulo Coelho. The man needs no introduction. Okay, a one liner for him is, “the famous and really successful author who writes fiction with a touch of conscience and spirituality”.
Brida is one of his books and I am not sure if this one is as popular as his other books. I choose to buy it for a few reasons like finding the title Brida, interesting. The author name, of course. The back page that informs us that this is the story of a young and beautiful Irish girl, hook me up. Leave young and beautiful, the term Irish is enough to grab my undivided attention. I never really understood this fascination of mine to anything that’s remotely Irish. I must’ve been Irish in my last birth. And the final thing that sealed the deal is the story line itself. You can see what it is in the image itself.


It talks about one’s search for a soul mate, the path that leads to it and learning the beauty of life in its own way. To me, it sounded as exciting as a thriller.
20 pages down the line, I would just say that there is definitely a lot that this book has to teach. Any book that makes you pause for a second and makes you think for a while, is undoubtedly a wise read.
Go for it if you are looking for something fresh, interesting and equally thought provoking. In other words, Brida is a self help book woven into a beautiful story.
These are just the first thoughts and will surely be back with a full scale evaluation once completed.
Good night and take care.


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