One nice post

I know this is a really old post. But the content is never old. I am 25 and is almost at the same place where the letter writer was, when she is 24. I could totally relate to her feelings and situations. I am glad that she is in a happy place now despite of all that she has been through. I could never stop admiring her courage for standing up for herself, for loving herself the way she does now. May be late, but she realised her mistakes and is on a path to never repeat them. She isn’t blaming anyone and is moving forward with a lot of positive attitude around her. I love her for trying to share her experience with everyone so that people will know that there is always hope for a better/peaceful life when you stand up for yourself.

She explains her life so beautifully that even the most depressing scenario fades out. To me, her mail was like spreading out confidence, tonnes of inspiration and hope. I am reposting it over here just to remind myself from time to time about all those thoughts and ripples she created within me. I want it over here as a reminder to me so that i don’t fall into that abyss under any circumstances. I want this experience and thoughts to be in my memory forever.

🙂 Have a great day.



4 thoughts on “One nice post

  1. Hi Sahasra, I was wondering if I can nominate you for the sisterhood of the world bloggers award? I’ve been in reading your posts for a while now and really look forward to reading the brilliant literature you submit . Would that be okay?

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