I was on my way to the train station when it struck me that I never talked about my best friends over here. If I were to talk about them, then I better dedicate a complete post to each, but this is not that.
I’m on my way home. This Sunday is my best friend’s wedding. She’s been a strong part my life for the past 10 + years and now she’s getting married and will be moving to US soon. I’m terrified at the thought of her leaving me. I’ll leave all that for some other day.
I’m going by train this time. I know its no big deal. But train journeys are kind of special to me.
And the station, is no exception. Of course, I’m talking about Indian trains and stations, and I know that they are horribly maintained. But I’m a fan of the commotion and hustle in and around the station. Families, complete strangers, kids, hawkers, food stalls with all kinds of food, announcements, coolies, luggage everywhere, trains, all kinds of smells, noises and what not.

And now, I am here. πŸ™‚ Amidst all this wonderful mess. It just pacifies me somehow. Reaching here is almost like a race. I came back from office by 7 and my brain said, i have to finish the 10th season of grey’s anatomy and so had to complete the last episode and by the time i was done with it and completed packing, it was almost 9 and i sat in a bus to reach the station. Aah, i was here by 9:49 exactly and i am telling you that was one difficult hour. I have no idea on what to do if i missed this train. My train was scheduled for 10:10 and thank god i was on time. I had enough time to locate my platform and coach location. And then, i came across this book stall which i obviously couldn’t resist and happened to spend almost 200 and waited for the train all the while admiring the hustle all around me.

I think my love for the station and train journeys started with the summer trips we used to make every year since i was little. My parents always planned trips to one or other place every summer and most of the plans always included another family, be it relatives or some family friends. May be, it is all that happy time spent together in all those trips and train journeys that made me love this feeling. It is also that wonderful feeling when i get to observe the whole world without being the point of attraction. May be this is one more aspect of my brain or psych that i never understand. Ha, i know i have to stop talking weird. πŸ™‚ Will try!.Β I really could not understand this pleasure i get from being in the crowd yet staying untouched. I don’t really know what this was or if this explains any behavioral aspect.

Well, the train is here and i happened to be sharing the coach with a group of really old ladies who are on some tour. It was some kind of pilgrimage thing. It was so sweet that they found some time only for themselves without any family included. I’m glad they are enjoying it. I wish to do a solo trip one day and a girl trip also if possible. It seems like a distant dream but it is there somewhere deep down.

So, this is about my craziness for trains, stations and journeys. Its a long rant and probably doesn’t make any sense to anyone, but well, this is my space and i can go on all day about me and also thank you for bearing my long rant. πŸ™‚

Good day.


2 thoughts on “Journeys

  1. No craziness at all in this Sahasra. I love the train. In Canada they are becoming less and less affordable, and more and more cuts in service, but I have travelled across Canada twice on the train in years past.
    Something about train travel is so nostalgic, the journey, the people, and watching the scenes unfold through your window.
    Thank you for sharing, πŸ™‚

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