Heart says so – 1

గుండె పోరల్లో దాచుకున్న అందమైన ఊహలు అని పేరు పెట్టేదాన్ని,తెలుగు లో చెప్పి ఉంటే . 🙂

That’s my mother tongue. I told you, I love it. All it meant was about what i would have named this post if it was written in my language. This is a list of all those wishes that are buried deep within the layers of my heart. Most of these are things that I never revealed to anyone. They are my most treasured wishes that I choose to reveal only in this special place of mine.
1. I always say that I don’t want to wear Sarees. But the truth is quite opposite. I was always fascinated by the beauty of Sarees. I just never had the confidence to carry one. The problem is with me being the fat one. I wish I stayed fit and I wish I have enough confidence to accept me the way I am. I really can’t blame anyone for fat shaming me as I cannot even convince myself into being content with me. I dunno if my wish was to be slim or to wear Saree confidently. To me, they are somehow interlinked and I just cannot separate them. I wish there comes a day when i flaunt myself in a Saree.
2. Venkatesh Daggubati is my favourite actor since I was a little kid and has ever been.  Many people in my life know this but what they don’t know is how much I adore this guy. His films are those that I never get bored no matter how many times I see. I just love that beautiful and straight from the heart, happy smile. He will be my favourite actor forever. I don’t care if a few of his films are lousy and stupid. I just wish I get to meet him one day. No matter how old I become, I’m sure I’ll be mad with happiness in that moment. People might think I’m crazy to be a fan of such an old man. But no matter how much I like the actors of my age, I can never stop admiring this guy who has been my favourite since I’ve ever know movies. In fact, right now I was watching one of his old classics and just cannot put it off and go to sleep. I wish one day, I meet him.
3. I dream of a house of my own with  library and home theatre that includes a collection of all my favourite classics. Almost every dream I’ve ever seen always had books or movies as a part of it. They are my most treasured hobbies that happened very naturally to me. I say that because, I never had to  choose them. Instead, they choose me. I always thought of books as my first love and movies my second. I wish to love them forever and one of my weirdest wishes is to stay indoors all day, all night and the only tasks i want to do are to eat pizza, drink coffee and read.
4. Kitchen and cooking. Cooking has always been a fascinating thing to me and never ceased to. At home, I always had mum and Jeji who never let us anywhere near the kitchen. They managed everything on their own and never expected us to do anything but to study. Though confined to local cuisines, they are amazing cooks and I’m sure I’ll never be able to cook anything like they do. I dream of a great kitchen in my house and ample time to learn cooking and cook for others. Though my experience is limited to very few times, I clearly know how it feels like to cook and serve someone. It is one wonderful feeling that fills my heart with happiness. My dream is to learn everything I can about cooking and cook in a sprawling kitchen, my own kitchen. By the way, i love this phrase i heard on the net, “I love cooking and wouldn’t mind cooking for others as long as i don’t have to cook 3 meals a day and 7 days a week.”

I know this is already a long post and I have to stop it here and continue later. 🙂
This is me n my wishes that are always there in the deep layers of my heart which never stops beating all the while rooting for me to make them happen. 🙂
Good day and take care of yourselves and those big or small wishes that you always have in your heart.



2 thoughts on “Heart says so – 1

  1. I am in love with Venkatesh as well 🙂 also i like nagarjuna too ❤ they carry some special spark within them 🙂 🙂 and i love the name sahasra 🙂 🙂 and believe me saree will be perfect for you… Who said that saree will not look good for plumpy person.. it will be awesome try it and say u are beautiful you will feel it. 🙂 love to read some more 🙂 u can write please 🙂

  2. 🙂 You surprised me Liliputs. I never thought i would find someone so close to home in the blogging world. I am happy that someone can exactly relate to what i am speaking about.
    Sahasra is a name that i always loved and hence became my pen name. Thanks for trying to fill me with confidence. One day, i will try to wear Saree confidently and that day you will be one of those few who i need to thank for. I am glad that you liked the post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and please keep visiting. 🙂
    Have a great day and Happy new year.

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