I don’t even know how 2014 passed. Think of it clearly, there is nothing big that happened in the past year.
It was a perfectly normal(read boring) year, that just passed on. This is very rare and i think i am happy with the way it went. I am happy that i got enough time to be with all my friends, attend many happy weddings, be with family, have time for myself and not be super busy working. I may or may not get any of these again and so i am happy.
But, i for sure wish 2015 to be something that includes some big decisions from me. I expect myself to be more responsible, funny and happy person. I want this to be an year where i get to show off my achievements. I want some really happy memories and some more peace with myself.
Thank you for whatever you are 2014. And dear 2015, please bring me happiness, prosperity, peace and a bit more clarity about life. πŸ™‚
Thank you everyone over here in this little world, for making my life more bearable, inspiring and interesting with all your life stories and love. I wish you a great and happy year ahead.



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