Attempting a blogathon!

I have never blogged with set deadlines or time-frames. I typed in whenever i had time and interest.  Most of the time, i just read and read. I am telling you it is such a pleasure that i never find writing the same. 🙂 But since the past few days, i have noticed people talking/writing about blogathons. I am amazed to know that people blog everyday for the whole month. Wow, you must be too good at this. And then i thought, why shouldn’t i try? Maybe, it turns out well and may be, i can do it too. I know, with the kind of mood swings i have, it is really difficult to post every single day. But again, there’s nothing that i am going to lose in trying out. So, i decided to give it a try. But no promises, huh.

And you know what, i cheated on the very first day. Yepp, i had a post drafted yesterday but posted it today due to my super cool internet connection. But i changed the date when i posted it today. :P. Does it count as failure? Who cares. I don’t. I am going to continue. I am going to drag myself out of my shell and write a post everyday. But then, do i have enough topics? Its better i make a list so that i can look into it and get ideas.

1. I can do book reviews. For this, i have to read. Phew, one more task added. But yepp, i can do that. But i think i should just say my opinions. Reviews is a big word for me.

2. I can do movie reviews. Another time taking one, but i can happily do it. I just shouldn’t limit myself to the new movies. I should review any movie i like.

3. Talk about people at work. Where else can i do endless bitching? One pressure buster, or at-least i think!

4. I can tell you all about my best buddies and my stories with them. I now wonder why i never bothered to talk about them over here.

5. My views on marriage and about the guys i met in all those arranged marriage meetings. Tiring but can be converted into funny and interesting topics if explained well.

6. Heart breaks and crushes.

7. I can tell you all about all those Korean dramas i like and what i like in every single one of them. Hmmm, now, my brain is working.

8. I can update you on my life. I any ways wanted to finish all those award posts. I am just too lazy to do them when i was awarded.

9. I came across this thing called “Flashback Fridays” on some blog. I need to get out all those drafts that are spread across my blog, laptop and mobile. I need them to be a part of my blog.

For now, this is my list. I couldn’t think of anything else. To you all, who are participating in any kind of blogathon or whatever, good luck with your target and happy blogging.



6 thoughts on “Attempting a blogathon!

  1. That is why I did not take this up! I had exactly same to same, I mean ditto views regarding this and I find reading more fun than writing too 😀
    But all the best to you! Waiting to read all your post, anything and whatever you write:-)

    • Wow, glad that I could resonate your feelings. I just feel that I’ve been lying in my comfort zone for too long and its time I stretch myself and remark my boundaries and hence the try.
      Just as bikram said over there, I need all that luck. :). Thank you. Now that I know that someone’s reading me for sure, I better be responsible. 🙂
      Happy reading and I hope I wouldn’t disappoint. Oh, by the way, happy new year and I wish you have a great year ahead.

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