Reasons for optimism

And most importantly, I still am alive with enough money in my bank. πŸ™‚ :p
No, seriously. Look at the list and you would definitely like me for re blogging it. Amidst all the sadness that bad and depressing things cause us, there are always things that help us move forward in life. No matter what happens, life never stops and it has to go on, unless some doomsday has dawned upon us.
We all have our own moments of personal happiness and things that give us a little more hope to take one step forward and not to give up on life. To me, they can be moments like, a smile from me after reading a nice post like the one I’m re blogging, a happy chat with family, a silly tease session with cousins, a little flirty conversation with a crush, anticipation of a sweet moment, a look of pride my dad gives me for certain things, the day I get my appraisal letter, one happy yet hearty meal and many such.
And we all move towards the future with all these little joys in our hearts and we tend to leave our pain behind. So, that is what we are supposed to do with bigger issues like world population, hunger, infant mortality, life expectancy, literacy and others. We need to see the bright side of things that give us hope and then start working towards a better future while dealing with our demons. We need to take courage from the good that has happened and find some more good and peace. Just not let ourselves disappointed with the bad things that happened and see the brightness of the good. πŸ™‚
I hope I am not cheating. Reblogs are still considered posts right!. πŸ™‚ I just couldn’t stop myself from re blogging as the post is really good.
Have a great day.


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happysadTo kick off 2015, I’ve compiled a list of 10 good facts you probably won’t hear on the news.

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11 thoughts on “Reasons for optimism

    • I wasn’t actually planning on a re blog. I haven’t seen such a good list in recent times. They are really good things and I thought others should know. So, thank you for the awesome post.
      Thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging words. πŸ™‚

      • You are welcome. This post was part of my efforts to overcome the “everything is getting worse” sentiments that a lot of people seem to hold. Thanks for spreading the good news!!

  1. Now that is a good list .. But it does not feel like things have changed that much.. More innocent people are dieing , we are fighting more epidemics and various other things

    yes malaria has decreased but look what has taken its place ..

    but neverthless a lot of info in the post , thanks for sharing

    • There is always a difference between reality and perception. The 24/7 news tells us everything is bad. Every day. It’s not surprising that we believe that. If 100 people were saved and 1 died, the news would report the death.

    • I know things haven’t changed much and there are many sad things happening and one more deadly disease struck us.
      My point is to look beyond the sadness and notice the good that’s happening around us and gain enough courage to move forward. Most of the times, we never notice all the good that’s happening around and lose hope in our own grief. No matter how bad the situation is, a moment of happiness gives us hope.
      To me, the list is just not the info. It is a super cool list of things that tell us that we have been progressing despite the number of things that are ready to drag us back. I know the world is pretty much messed up and it always has been so. I can think of many negative things that the current world has with every point listed there. But i choose not to. For once, i wanted to have a moment filled with good things and hope.
      It is nice to have a discussion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a nice day Bikram. πŸ™‚

      • Rightly said..hope Is something we all need for sure.

        In the last few days that is one thing that has kept us going at home. .I learnt it from quiet close quarters. .

        God is great and I am sure he has a plan..

            • You didn’t offend me in anyway. The very next moment I typed in the comment, I realised that you might be talking in general. I went on a defensive mode for nothing and it was eating me all the while.
              I should’ve been more understanding. Afterall, I don’t know what you have been through. I am sorry for being rude. Let’s just end this thread here.

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