My family

If I say that I couldn’t think about any topic and so choose to talk about my family, it would be a lie. After 4 days into it, I think the idea of blogathon sinked in pretty well and the thought of having to post something by the end of the day never left me. It was always there and I was continously looking for topics that can take the form of a post. I did a lot of work at office and still my mind registered every single thought that could be turned into a post, but none happened.
Then, while reading some really nice post on my reader, it occurred to me that I never talked about my family on the blog. And hence the post.
Ours is an almost nuclear family. I say almost because, our great grand mother lives with us. Yepp, you heard it right. She is my mother’s grandmother. My mother prides in the fact that her father(my grandpa) trusted her so much and gave her my GGM’s responsibility even though he had 2 sons. Though I was close to my GGM, it is my sister who is her jaan(love) and she lived with us since the day my sister was born. Strange coincidence it is. We all love her the most. She’s just amazing. She’s our one and only story teller while my mum was always the reader. πŸ™‚
I was close to my maternal grandparents as I pretty much lived with them except for the school term. I was their favourite and they are mine. They are the first set of people i loved unconditionally and then come my parents. They are a great influence on me. My talks about them never end. So, I would leave all that to some other day. I lost my grandma when I was in 8th standard and grandpa 4 years back. My only regret in life is that I couldn’t say him my final goodbye properly. I wish I was there.
I never knew my dad’s parents personally. For, they died long before my parents marriage. And I just know them from my dad’s stories. I’m sure they are wonderful. I only know grandparents to be wonderful. I can never imagine them any other way.
I have a beautiful, funny, talented, happy and really cool younger sister whom we call Chinnu. She is doing her and is in the final year of college. I have many stories to tell about this little girl but one word I would give her is, my love.
My mum is a high school teacher. One of the brightest, honest, sincere and kindest I have ever known. One thing i was always sure about, in my life is, to never be a teacher. I know from my mother by example, on how difficult it is to be a good teacher and how hard it is to be a great one. And don’t even count the sacrifices you have to do to be an amazing one. Trust me, she is one amazing teacher.
My dad is a person who used to be my best friend till school and only then I realised that he is my father. Its not a bad thing. It is a good thing that I had a wonderful parent who always goes out of his way to get us what we deserve. He is one person who sets me an example that one need not be better or correct all the time and we can always try to be better and evolve.
So, this is my family.Β  I’m sure I will talk a lot about them later, but I wanted to introduce you all to my own family, my life line.
Hope you all are having a nice week, good night and bye for now.



12 thoughts on “My family

  1. I think even if you don’t write about our family, they just seep into your conversations and the way you are trained to think and conduct yourself. Lovely knowing them through here and it would be easy walking into your home now.. Hello to everyone there..

    Ashes πŸ™‚

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