Random Ramblings – 1

This random girl who is here to tell you a few random things, is someone I borrowed just for the sake of blogathon. Thank you for the idea Summerscript.
#1 I have resumed walking recently and have been doing one hour walks since Monday. I skipped the 2nd 30 min today, blaming cold winter. This time it is the doc’s straight warning that made me start. Let’s see how long I can stand.
#2 I am starting to skip posts related to fitness and outdoor activities, for the guiltiness they are filling me with. I know I’m an idiot.
#3 These days, my phone has been testing my patience a bit too much. It hangs, it slows down, drink up all the power and finally is going to kill me. Looks like I will have to buy a new one soon!
#4 I am so proud of myself that I managed to stay away from Hindi serials for more than a month. Even in the last month, I watched them only when I was at home. I was really addicted to those. Infact, i still am. The stories never left my mind and my poor brain is wondering on what happened to all those plots. 🙂
#5 After last weekend’s adapter issue, I happened to realise how badly I was addicted to laptop usage. I left it at office all week and I slept early and woke up early every single day. If i can’t control its usage, i at-least have to control its presence.
#6 I have loads of work to do but was happy doing it and of course i am counting days to be at home for the Sankranti festival. I have a 5 day long weekend to be at home.
#7 I was thinking about leaving hostel and to live on my own. Donno if its going to work or not. But this time, the feeling is a bit strong. Uff.. this has been my dream ever since I finished college.
#8 I have been reading less lately and I need to find time for it. I must admit, blogathons are tough and tiring. All my books are crying for ignoring them so badly.

Thats all from me now. I’m sure I left out many important things but we have a whole month to talk right. Good night people.



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