On future plans and wishes

Yesterday, I just typed in the post and then went back to my work. I told you, I had loads to do and I needed to finsh everything before I go on leave. And was totally drowned in report issues, test results, fixes and what not. It was then I got a call from Dad. He asked me the details of my leave and when I will be arriving and then all of a sudden, he asked me if I wanted to do Master’s. I was shocked and had no words. I post thoughts that I have never said anyone and hours later, dad calls and asks me about it. What’s happening?, I start to think quick to remember if I have left any traces of my blog and they know my secret. You should’ve seen my face then. πŸ™‚
Then I came back to the real world and told him that I have thoughts about it and asked him how he knew. He said your Amma told me. I then wondered how Amma knew. For a second, my silly brain even thought that I might have called her after posting the post. I have thought to call her but then decided not to.
It was near this point when dad told me that I told amma about doing MS if that arranged marriage match didn’t work out.
Aah, then comes the scene in my memory!.
The last time when I met a guy through some online portal for an arranged marriage proposal, my mum was really worried about my marriage and was too concerned about the guy. And I was trying to convince her not to take things very seriously and to be at ease. It was then I tried to make the situation light and said her not to worry and will happily study if the match didn’t work out. I meant it in a funny way and never thought that Amma will take it seriously. But, she did take it seriously and even told dad all about it.
On the call, dad said that I should seriously start preparing and write the exams if that’s what I really wanted to do. He even said not to wait or postpone any thoughts related to study just because of them or marriage. He wants me to go for it. He even said that, marriage will happen when it has to.  Don’t worry about it beta. πŸ™‚
The fact that they were ready to help me do what I really want and that they were being supportive is something really wonderful. They don’t have to support me financially as I have been earning well enough and saved most of it. With some effort, I think I can somehow manage that part. Their emotional support is something that really matters to me and I desperately need that. It will be really hard for me if I have to battle in and out.
Thanks to their support, I am so relieved and I can feel the strength within. My confidence and wish to go for my dreams are stronger than ever.
I’m happy I’m in this place. Not sure where exactly I’m leading to. Not sure how I am going to do it. I know for sure that the road isn’t going to be easy and will be really tough. But I know that this is something that I really wanted to do.

That’s a first and for the beginning of many further firsts, I am happy.
Will talk more later, but Good night for now. πŸ™‚ Bye.



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