Early mornings

Since I have started exercising daily, I was again transforming into a morning person and I like my serene, silent and happy mornings. I love the peace they give me. I like the early morning cold air and happy sun:).
But there are always but’s and if’s. Donno if it’s just with me or the same with everyone else, but I absolutely hate talking in the morning. Early morning moments are the few moments of my day when my brain stays in a dormant mood and is free of the ever running/screaming thoughts.
And when some tries to make fun in the mornings or talk to me or start asking me all the silly questions in the world, I kind of hate it and them, for not letting my brain be the innocent mass of neurons it is.
And I sometimes wonder why people have so many things to talk that early. Can’t they be silent ever.
Yepp. This is one such day and I already am the mean girl who wouldn’t talk. Come on, if the other wise talkative person is being silent, can’t you just let her be?
Poor me! 🙂
No, my day started well. I am actually on the high that an hour exercise gives. So, no amount of small talks can kill it. I hope the rest of my day goes well too. There’s loads to do at office. Now, I am a bit scared too. But, you all have a great day. Bye.



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