Love rambles

Love, you see… is very simple.

When one side says it’s over, it’s over.
If you force someone to love you back, that’s an obsession.

Love is not a deal, so there’s no betrayal. You choose to love, so you can’t brag or boast.

Your insistence doesn’t change your obsession into love.
Some words from the past. I wouldn’t claim to be completely mine, but parts of it are mine.
I was on leave and at home. I’m having all the festival foods and was completely enjoying. I have nothing to post today and is in no mood to think. So was going through my old drafts and found this. 🙂
Hope you all are doing great. Good night guys.



5 thoughts on “Love rambles

    • 🙂 told you. Payasam, garelu, pappu dappalam. My mouth is watering even at the thought of tomorrow. Tomorrow is Kanuma festival where we can have non veg too. :p.
      I will post pics tomorrow. I didn’t click any today. You see, when I am home, it is hard to find my phone. And when mum gives you food, you can’t wait for the click, if your hanss doesn’t listen to the brain.

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