Some more ramblings

Here I am, sitting at the dining table, looking through the kitchen door, I see a long line of buildings with coconut trees all around. Green for sure brings peace to the eyes.
Watching one of the latest k drama, while sipping my cold coffee, I look up and that’s what I see. The calm, very silent town with people having their afternoon tea’s in their balconies and enjoying the moment. Small towns are indeed happy places. I agree there are a lot of not so good things as well, but when you go home for festival and do all those things that you always wanted to and really enjoy being home, bad things rarely register. I love times and empty moments like these. Mum’s tired after a big day and is taking her afternoon nap. Dad’s around checking share prices and meanwhile filling water bottles. He wouldn’t work in the kitchen or do chores, but helps mum with little things like these. And my little sister is somewhere around talking to my Jeji while surfing the net.
They are all around and I feel so safe and secure. Moreover, their presence itself brings me peace. I wish life stays like this forever. And since it doesn’t, I have to live this moment happily.  🙂
Unlike the real life, these moments are filled with peace and happiness. They fill your heart. It is at times like these, I realise that we don’t need many things or a lot of money or everything perfect for us. to be happy people. We just need some calmness, peace and loved ones around and that alone brings happiness.
I had the world’s best payasam and garelu today. 🙂 I learnt how to cook a traditional bottle guard dish that’s cooked on every sankranti day. I forgot all about work, career and life. I am a happy person today.
Happy makar sankranti people. Its true festivals bring us peace and shower us with the love of people around us. 🙂

And, while I typed in the post and was catching up with missed reading, dad went out and bought these yummy bobbatlu(puran poli). Ain’t he amazing. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Some more ramblings

    • Mine is one of the coastal towns of AP. While the whole country is shivering, the coast is clear and warm 🙂 I didn’t click any pics of it. Next time, when I make it on my own, I will for sure give pics.
      Thanks Deea. It is indeed amazing.

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