Do you know what kind of chess board is the strongest?
The one that’s made of split wood. They say that a tree that overcame being split, is so strong it’s hard to saw it down.
People are also the same. People who overcame pain are the strongest.



Those words aren’t mine. But they are worth an audience. I collected them from some korean drama and so wanted to share. 🙂
The roses above are from the time when I was so depressed and had almost nothing to hold on.
Sometimes, really small and silly things give us hope. These flowers in my life gave me hope with their never dying attitude. They were seperated from the plant and were in the vase for days. Yet, they bloomed and withered in their own time. They were as good as the flowers that got to stay on the plant.
Observing them and taking pics of them everyday after office hours is all I did. It might be natural for them to live with minimal care. But to me, that was an amazing thing those flowers taught me. They told me to endure and try. They told me not to stop living and not to give up. And yes, they were right. I passed that phase and was back to normal now.
So, yes, don’t be afraid to face that pain. For, it just helps you to be a better person and don’t ever give up. When depressed, all you have to do is to fight and try harder. And when you become normal, try to be happy and confident. You just became a better person. Feel happy and be proud about it. 🙂
Stay happy & Have a great day.  🙂



6 thoughts on “Roses

    • 🙂 I am fine bikram. I almost spent all evening sorting out the pics on Dropbox and that’s when I came across these. Though it was a thing of the past, those feelings never seem so.
      Yepp, they are beautiful.
      Thanks Bikram.

  1. Your reply to Bikrams comes as a solace. All is good I gather. But what you said is so very true.. what is life if it just ups and ups and ups.. there needs to be a down or a night (a cliche example, I know, don’t roll your eyes at me for this one :P) to appreciate the ups. Lovely roses you have.. and beautifully written S.. 🙂

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