HBO Finds

Angels sing

I was just doing the channel surfing thing when I came across this movie airing on HBO. Angels sing it is.
Was busy and so could only watch it for some 20 min or so. But the movie seemed cool. Families, Christmas, grandparents, songs, beliefs, Angels, life and happiness. You might wonder, just 20 minutes and I found all that?.. Yepp, true. That’s me. I am dark but can see happiness anywhere. That’s my gift. πŸ™‚

Shanghai knights

This is one more movie that I found this movie. And again, I happened to get only some 30 minutes of it. But the movie had everything I love in a movie(aah.. except the colour filled songs). It was funny, had sentiment, action, a kid and so filled with the English accent.
It had Jackie chan and Owen wilson in the lead roles. I for some reason, like Jackie chan a lot. His baby face which sometimes also look funny, his fighting moves, funny antics and humbleness. I like the fact that his movies never revolve around him but he just fits perfectly in every plot. I like a well said story rather than a plot with story just rotating around the lead making it a one man show.

Once back into my routine, I would search for both of these and watch them completely. So, lets call these as something that I found out accidentally. If I could find and watch them completely, I for sure will tell you how I felt and if my 30 min opinion stayed on throughout or not. But for now, this is all I have.
Keep living and loving. πŸ™‚


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