Day 15: amazing

How badly did I want SouthAfrica to be in the finals? Bad enough that tears just flowed down my cheeks when they lost. And this article is just the other side to the match with a different view and story about the very same match.
Now that everything is over, I just took the pleasure in reading the article and boy, I must tell you, it is one amazing piece of read. Just sit back and read the article with a chuckle stuck on your face reminiscing all those moments from the game, just as I did. 🙂
Hope you like it. Take care.



4 thoughts on “Day 15: amazing

    • Heyy carl.. thank you so much for stopping by. It means a lot that you took a minute out of your life to think about someone you’ve never met. Thanks a ton for that.
      I’ve been well. Just a bit too busy and things in my life are moving too fast. I wish I could pause my life for a while. I miss sharing my mind and I miss reading and I miss these conversations. And I’m trying my best to find time and was trying to read every possible minute. I will be back soon with lots to say.
      Hope you are doing well too. Take care carl. Bye.

      • You are very welcome. Sometimes when we don’t hear from someone, we always think the worse, very happy you are well.
        Life really does get busy. It is really hard to find that balance. Sometimes it is even good to take a break from things like blogging to catch your breath. Taking that pause is very healthy, and I commend you for it.
        Have a great rest of the day! 🙂

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