A few things..

One honest and emotion filled talk with a friend relieves a lot of burden from the heart. It doesn’t even matter if there are solutions to problems or not. All it matters is that there is someone you can talk to and someone who can hold you tight and listen to you.

A little chat, a bear hug, a big smile and a sincere thank you makes wonders. Thank you life for letting me have these little pleasures. One ping and a hearty chat with a dear friend triggered all these emotions. Blessed to have such people in my life and thank you dear.

1. My little sis started living with me. I was so happy that she decided to stay. Finally this place feels like home and there is someone to come home to.

2. I’m spending some time every day to help my sister’s friend with her assignments by sharing the little knowledge that I have. I’m boasting here, but I must tell you, helping others makes you feel like you are a star. It is a wonderful feeling.

3. Started reading again and slowly wanted to wander into the technical world as well. But for now, I wanna complete all my pending books.

4. I’m trying to live and work more effectively. Structural changes that need to be done. Let’s see how long can I live this way.

5. Trying to be positive & happy. Trying hard not to think too much and to live life one day at a time.

And for the July update, I slept early with almost no headaches in the morning and had my green tea too. My little cup is proud of me. And the client demo is postponed to Monday. I hate things getting postponed. And I’m going to add the one yoga pose for at least 15 minutes to this day’s task. I think I can do this 30 tasks a day thing. I had reminders for all 3 on my mobile and will keep on adding the rest too. I need to be better and for that I need to make these little things work to achieve the bigger goal. 🙂

Thank you everyone for being in my life. 🙂 Take Care and stay loved.



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