Saturday update

The one fact that I totally forgot while committing myself to this july blogathon is that I would have to post on weekends too. To me weekends are just rest days.. all play and no work. Sometimes, I don’t even know where my phone is.
And the fact that I didn’t post anything today just dawned upon me while I was just about to go to bed and was checking my phone for any missed calls or messages.
So here I am, writing my July blogathon post when it is exactly 11:30pm. And as this might be the same way for most of my other Saturdays, I decided to make saturday post an update post. So, here’s the week’s update.
1. Sleeping early – successfully followed for 2 days but failed miserably yesterday. Reason being the weekend night, and I am awake till 3 in the morning. Will try harder this week and the target is 10pm!..
2. 1 Green tea every day and cut down coffee to 1 – 1day success and failed for 2 days.. caffeine is too hard to resist!..
3. 15 min startup asanas – 1 day success. Will have to see how the next week works out.
4. Wake up early – 1 day that too at 7:30. This one’s directly proportional to point 1. Will have to make this work at any cost.

Haa.. that’s all for this week. Listing or setting targets is the easiest part. Getting up and making them happen, seems almost impossible!.. I really wish i could make something out of this trial. Anyways, bye for now and i really hope that you all are having a great weekend.  Take care everyone.



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