My name is Kim sam soon

To me, kim sam soon is this perfectly normal girl who is called fat by every k drama person and may be in the world of Koreans.
This lovely girl made me laugh, cry, feel happy and sad. It is the story of how she found her guy and the way she accepted her name. She is one amazing girl who knew what her limitations are and what she wants.
Life is never easy for this girl in the kind of world she lives. Yet, she lives. She lives life to the fullest. Gives her best and if faced with failure, she accepts it and moves ahead.
This girl is a wonderful example for me. If you have to fulfil your dreams, you have to fight head on. Never fear failure and stay behind.ย  Be it love or career, say it and do it of you need it. The only way one gets a thing is by asking and going for it.
I love the way this girl tells the guy that she loves him. Never once does she think that she isn’t worthy of him. I wouldn’t have respected her this much if she ever doubted herself. She has the feeling that she is fat and even does fad diets too but never once does she consider herself anybit less because of her body.
I’m in awe of this girl. She is a fictional character. But she is wonderful. I’ve seen count less k dramas and she is the best of all the leads I’ve ever seen. If I were to wish for to be any one fictional character, that would be her. I wish I was like her. Like the dough that stretches all by itself without any yeast. Independent, self reliant, yet madly in love and mostly super confident and ferocious.
Love you kim sam soon. Haven’t had a chance to do any research on the actors in the drama, but will do that soon and update the post with enough details. Do watch it if you are interested.
And, I blame sam sooni for making me stay awake till 3 in the morning today and I ended up having severe sinus based headache resulting in me indulging 3 coffees. The client almost ate my head off and found 2 more issues with my reports. I’m banging my head by the end of the day. I will have to deal with that tomorrow, so why think about it and panic now!. Anyways, today’s rule is to not post anything in hurry after 11:30 pm like I’ve been doing since the past 4 days and to move forward my sleep time to some 10:30-11:00 frame. ๐Ÿ™‚
Hope you all had a great monday. Take care people. Good night. Bye.


3 thoughts on “My name is Kim sam soon

  1. K-drama (or Koreanovela as we here dubbed it) has been the in-thing here for more or less a decade. I am not a complete fan of K-dramas, and definitely not into K-Pop, but I have enjoyed a few K-dramas now and then. Most times, I enjoyed the funny ones. There were sad ones as well that I followed. I’ve watched episodes of Kim Sam Soon. A lot of the K shows are given English titles and the dialogues are always dubbed in our language ๐Ÿ™‚

      • LOL!!! Many go through that. Even before a K-drama hits the air here, they already download full shows and they stay up all night watching. Or they use their gadgets and watch throughout the day. As for K-Pop, I only know 4 songs — 2 from Psy and I don’t like those and even him, sorry, and 2 from 2NE1. The only reason I’m interested in the latter is because one of the girls, Dara, before she became famous like that, became famous here. As Sandara, which I guess is her real name, she joined a star search thingy, won 2nd place, and became a teeny-bopper actress. She’s actually very good in our language,

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