Bad work days

Bad work days are as horrible as bad hair days or sometimes even more worse. On a bad hair day, you cam atleast forget your hair problems when there is loads of work to do. But on a bad work day you are forced to work no matter how bad it is and there’s no other way out. To me, today is one such horrible days.
This project is so messed up that even I started to feel that it is jinxed somehow. 2 consultants and 2 report developers messed it up over the past 4 months. They screwed up the beautiful POC that we created and left us with this broken one. Ha.. people!
If only there is a fairy grand mother who could help me complete this work overnight!.. okay people, you all enjoy your night. I have to get this stupid work done by tomorrow. A stupid technical glitch resulted in me to recreate everything that I have done since the last 3 days. Rework while I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. God only knows how many mistakes I’m gonna make! Wish me luck people and may you be saved from all such bad work days.
Take care.



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