The 30 day walking challenge – Day 2, 3, 4 & 5

I actually thought it would be easy to work out/walk on a week day rather than on a long weekend. I was so wrong.
October 2nd is a public holiday here in India and that makes this weekend a really long one. But you know what, against my strong belief, I walked on all three days. I’m so proud of myself.
October 2nd – Day 2 of the challenge
My first day’s effort, the blog post and responses to it worked amazingly on me. I was motivated and active throughout the day and there isn’t one dull moment. I cleaned up my room, did laundry, watched recent episodes of grey’s, scorpion and Castle and even went out to watch a movie. I thought I will be back by 8 and I can walk for an hour after that. But why will they be called Friends if they let you be on schedule. We were shopping, walking, window shopping and doing what not in the mall and I didn’t even see any sign of me leaving anytime soon. I can’t blame them for that as I was never the one to leave early and they thought I was joking when I told them that I have to leave to do my walking challenge. But as time went on, my temper really went up as I was so unhappy at the thought of failing at the challenge. And then, this idea popped up. I was already walking for the past 2 hours. Though not at a walking pace, I was doing some walking. I didn’t even sit for a few minutes and that must count for something. But then the guilt lady started talking in my head saying that I am cheating. I am supposed to walk 5500 steps that day.
Then, I decided to ditch my friends for a while and walk around the mall. I told them I was going into some other shop and just started walking. I walked for 20 minutes, joined them for a few minutes, walked again and repeated the process. Instead of cheating on the challenge, I cheated on the time I spent with my friends. But I must tell you, malls are such interesting places to walk with a crowd around you that doesn’t bother you at all. I love that alone in the crowd feeling. The cons are less friend time, not in comfortable clothing, no proper walking shoes.
I counted my steps and did nearly 2000. I was so happy and was sure that I did more than 6000 on the whole as it is 3 hours of walking altogether. Once I’m done, I didn’t care what time I got back. I just enjoyed my rest of the day spent over there.
I felt good because I really wanted to walk and was sad even at the thought missing my walk. I felt good because, I didn’t want to eat every second thing I laid my eye on. I thought of healthy and filling food and ate it.
And like Carl said, the first few steps were the hardest and once started, everything’s normal and easy.
October 3rd – Day 3 of the walking challenge
It is Friday and I convinced my sister and her friend to walk with me. We were doing rounds on the terrace. While my sister danced to songs, did cat/dog walks and had fun, we walked and walked untill we completed 6000 steps. Music is my saviour today and I did it today with no excuses or stories. And huh, I counted my steps today and I realised that I’m walking faster and covering more steps than my pedometer and is almost 30 steps ahead of it for every 500 steps. I didn’t mind the difference and in fact, I was more happy that I was doing more. πŸ™‚
October 4th – Day 4 of the walking challenge
The other day when I was at the mall with my friends, I had to give my phone away to buy some time. Some crazy friends I have!. They told me that they will be exploring my phone for my secrets. I laughed out and thought, what kind of secrets are those that I would store in my phone and happily gave my phone and went of for my walk. on day 4 along with music, I also had a lot of thoughts that kept me very busy. First they are about this conversation on secrets. I am really astonished at my stupidity. I totally forgot that my wordpress had no locks or passwords on it and access to my phone is the only way for them to ever figure out about my blog. They haven’t said any word but I really don’t know for sure about the secrecy of my blog anymore. Since there’s nothing that I can do about it, my thoughts wandered in a different direction and was totally lost in my thoughts when I crossed my 6500 step mark and went on walking for another 400. πŸ™‚
October 5th – Day 5 of the walking challenge
I woke up at around 5:30 when my sister is about to leave for her 6am class. Tried to sleep and rolled over the bed for another 2 hours and gave up which led to a tiresome day filled with nothing but work and yawns. I didn’t have a single coffee at office since 1 month and had to break that to control my brain. I felt as if I’m bribing my brain to work. πŸ™‚ What choice do I have, when my brain forgot to put tea bags in my hot water until they turned icecold! And that happened twice!.
Anyways, with the tonnes of work to do and unplanned meetings that I had to attend, I reached home at around 9:30. It was 10 by the time I changed and had my food.
And here I thought that a weekday would be more planned and perfect for workouts and exercise. I didn’t even have a minute for myself until the clock stuck 10. We warmed up for a while and then started walking. I must tell you, this is the most difficult walk of all days. I was so tired and even dragged my feet a few times. It made me think about walking in the mornings. I have to give it a try even if I find it really difficult to follow. But again when the whole world rests, it is also a pleasure to enjoy the cool breeze while basking in the peaceful glory of the night. I love early mornings and late nights equally. I love the peace they bring with them.
And finally, I reached the 7000 mark today which made me really tired but really happy for not giving up. Its 5 days in a row and I’m surprising myself by showing some rare determination that I never thought I had. πŸ™‚ I wish I continue this for the next 25 days too.
Thanks people for supporting me and encouraging me and most importantly, putting up with my ramblings. πŸ˜› :).

Take care people.


7 thoughts on “The 30 day walking challenge – Day 2, 3, 4 & 5

  1. You know what, once you are into a routine it happens automatically, then anything and everything including friends and family will plan according to that schedule. We used to go swimming, 3 of us friends .. and when other friends made dinner plans they used to work it aeound our swimming times or make the plans in advance and ask whether we could go at an earlier time. Slowly, almost the entire group of wither jogging or walking or playing basket ball or football in that given 90 minutes and them we used to meet at th2 campus shop for a fruit plate and juice!

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