Blogathon January 2016

I am never the type to follow rules. Even if I have to follow some, I bent them in a way I can live and followed them. It is not that I am a rebel, but I just have some issues with senseless Authority and command.

In January 2015, I participated in the blogathon for the first time. It was the best blogging period I have ever had. I wrote so much and covered so many topics that I didn’t even talk or think about sharing on the blog. It was a wonderful experience and I met some super cool and wonderful people on-line. Reading them was absolute joy. Though I accept that having to post something every single day and the need to make it interesting or worth reading is a really painful and tough task, I also agree that I enjoyed every bit of it. That blogathon helped me open up about a lot of things. I poured my heart out about many things that haunted me. I shared many of my happy/sad moments, family details, feelings, crushes, interests and what not. I ended the blogathon with heaps of relief and tonnes of satisfaction and most of it came from the realisation that I am not a quitter for once and did something that I really intended to do. I promised myself that I would definitely participate in the blogathon next year as well.

Sadly, by the end of November and December, I became so engrossed in the griefs and sorrows of my life that I didn’t even have a look at my mobile for anything other than attending calls and alarm clock. But on the night of 31st December, I managed to type in this very long post about all the current happenings of my life and the experiences of the train journey, intending it to be my new year post that is filled with hope. But sadly, I didn’t get to post it as I lost the complete post when I accidentally reset and formatted that phone. Though I clearly remember what I wrote, it was a really painful task to replicate a post that is already there in your brain and I know from experience that we can never revive it back in its original form from our memories and just end up disappointed at the failed attempts. But then, with the happenings of the week being so heavy and emotionally tiring, I couldn’t take it any more and ended up typing those very long posts during office hours yesterday.

This morning, when I opened word press again, I see a bunch of fresh posts from everyone I love to read. The very sight of their blog names on my reader lighted up my spirits and I wasted at least a couple of hours of office time just by reading all those blogathon posts that I started reading yesterday and even started reading more posts from Archives that I didn’t get a chance to look at earlier. Once again in my life, I realised that reading and writing are the most soothing and soul searching activities that I can ever do. I loose and find myself back again in these books and blogs. I cannot stay away from these even by choice, for, this is my oasis.

So, I decided to do the blogathon this year too and make a tradition out of it for this space. I am now trying to make a rule by bending some rules of the blogathon. Since I already lost 6 days of January and only made 2 posts, I decided to take it ahead by posting whenever I can and cover of the missed 6 days by just targeting it for 31 posts on total and not one post a day. So, here I am with the 3rd post of the month as a part of the blogathon.



8 thoughts on “Blogathon January 2016

  1. I totally agree – blogging every single day is tough but thats what makes this blogathon so enjoyable πŸ™‚ Everyone is crazily posting and you end trying to catch up with all the new posts every day πŸ™‚ I am so glad you decided to take part Sahasra. Looking forward to read more here πŸ™‚

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