K-Dramas again..

You all know how much I love watching. And among the long list things that I watch, K-dramas always are on the top. They never fail to excite me. Good casting, good story, a great song, funny moments anything and everything can be the trigger for me to start watching another one. And I have recently completed watching 2 k-dramas. One is “Padam Padamand the other one is “Oh My Venus“. Needless to say, both are wonderful and worth the time and wait. Considering the fact that I watch k-dramas like anything, you might think what’s so special about these? Apart from the fact that I’ve become this over-sensitive person, there’s nothing different. Me being this way, made me look at these dramas a bit differently. So, here’s why I found them interesting, wonderful and worthy.

  1. Oh My Venus

When you see names like Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub together on the casting list, you will be left with very little option but to eagerly wait and watch the show. I always had crush over So Ji Sub but this drama made me go crazy for Shin Min Ah. I even went back and watched a few episodes of her old shows. This story is about a beautiful woman who was even called Venus by everyone at school who then fell into the regular cycle of studies and career making. Despite being overweight, she had everything she wanted, like a respectable career, a boy friend of 13 years, income enough to support the family and a best friend. She is such a happy and confident woman. Everything seems to be great when the boy friend dumps her on their anniversary date when she was about to propose him. Our lead, the heart broken, overweight but super cute, super smart & amazingly confident young lady sets out to change herself back into the Venus avatar she once was. In the process, she meets this handsome, sexy, super successful yet very mysterious personal trainer who apparently also happens to be the heir of a giant health care brand. How they meet again and again, how they fall in love, how they deal with their problems(mostly health & emotional ones), how they go on for a happily ever after is the drama all about.

There are so many things that are right and a few things that didn’t seem okay in this 16 episode drama. Throughout the drama, you’ll feel nothing but relief and happiness. It revolves around a lot of personal feelings like, overweight, career, exercise, family, friendship, love and physical attraction. Too good to be true holds like a poster to this drama. If you are ever interested in watching a Korean drama, try this one for sure. It is not your regular teen romance. It is a mature love story of two consenting adults who are successful in their careers and capable enough to decide for themselves. You can imagine why I love this one so much 🙂

2. Padam Padam

It looks as if I am ruined for teen romances. Yes, when stories of people in their mid and late thirties are this good, who cares about 18 and 19 year old school kids vowing for life.  This is the story of a man who has seen nothing but bad luck and ill fate all his life. He was sentenced to 13 years of jail for a crime he never committed. The physical and emotional trauma of the incident stay with him since then. As if this isn’t enough, he was framed again by the same person right after he’s released from prison. This time things change and he meets his guardian angel, a young man on attempt to murder and theft charges who believes his mother’s parting words that he is an Angel. Our lead, with all the happenings of life, loses all hope and is no more interested in living a normal life and is even scared of people. People who knew nothing of him and still make assumptions, accusations and throw nothing but disgust and hatred at him. Those experiences kill the will to live in him. He wants nothing but the safety of prison. It is this guardian angel who shows him the miracles of life, brings hope, and forces him to live again. He meets a girl, faces his demons – within and outside, makes something out of himself, clears his name, falls in love and lives.

Do i need anything more to say on why I liked this the most? It is so filled with hope. Despite all the negativity, it has love, honest & hope written all over it. An amazing one that is so dipped in a honey called LOVE.

You can find these dramas on dramafire.com. You can download the episodes or even watch them on the site itself. No sign-ins and no logins.

Okay, off i go. Thanks people for reading and thank you to these wonderful people who make these dramas.



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