Medium and some nice words

Listen intently, listen with care. Understand their words, feel their emotion — put yourself in their place. Once you begin empathizing with people, they will see that you’re a genuine, caring person — who wants the best for their life.

You will create powerful relationships with everyone you meet if you embrace this mentality. It will become your way of life, your source of energy.

—- Here’s the source of these words. MEDIUM

I’ve been reading many posts on medium since this morning and I must say all of these posts are wonderful and equally amazing. And, they overflow with words of inspiration, advice, knowledge, fun and what not.

And coming to these words over here, this is what I’m planning to do now. I’m gonna try to keep my fears at hold, and give myself a chance to live life. I want to live the life before worrying or complaining about how wrong it can go or how badly it can turn out. I’m gonna give it my best shot and look at things positively.

Of all the choices I thought I had, the one that hurts me and everyone around me the least is to trust my instincts and take the leap of faith. Life is never easy but it never hurt me enough to kill me. So, I choose to live until I can no longer live and give this marriage my 100% and see what happens hoping that nothing bad stays forever and nothing good can ever stay away from me. 🙂

Thank you everyone for all the support you gave me all these days. You have been very patient, in fact a bit too patient and kind enough to go through all my rants and give me bundles of hope & affection. Thanks for all of that.

Love, Sahasra.


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